In the first lesson for today's Daily Office readings, God suggests that the Israelites gather up some souvenir stones after enjoying dry passage over the Jordan River. The idea may not have been very popular with these folks traveling light if Joshua had not explained the plan: Keep them in a visible spot, and when your children ask you about them, tell the story, the story of how God showed up.

At St. Margaret's, we are completing a significant time of transition. In our worship last Sunday and during the Zoom coffee hour, we celebrated all the ways God has shown up, although in this case we did get wet (on various holidays worthy of abundant holy water)! How will we preserve our story to remind ourselves and future generations of God's trustworthiness?

Let's not collect stones. A better plan is to remain curious at all times and in all things, no matter how annoying or bleak any scenario becomes. As people who have seen God's trustworthiness, we have every reason to approach the rest of life bursting with curiosity as to what God will do next! Even in the face of challenge or disappointment, we can make curiosity (not anger or despair) our default mood, wondering what God could be up to in those times of seeming abandonment.

Such a shift in base mood is only possible in a supportive community, as we model for each other and draw each other back to curiosity. It is the key to everything: Seeing God and loving neighbor. It all starts with curiosity.

Pastor Kathleen Kelly,  
Interim Rector  

Toasting our transition with Bishop Susan (far right at center) at Zoom Coffee Hour last Sunday. 
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