Hint #5: It's OK if your mind wanders while you are engaged in whatever daily routine you establish for conscious time with God. Indeed, it's good, because the wandering points to the topics in your life where divine influence could be most helpful.

In today's Daily Office readings, the psalm caught my attention. This verse seemed like a bold claim:

"But I shall always wait in patience,
and shall praise you more and more." Psalm 71:14
Really? Who among us is consistently patient? I realized that the psalmist wasn't being arrogant. He was bringing to mind the self that God had on the drawing board when he was conceived. He was calling for his highest and best self to be fully realized.
Since I live with my mother, a collection of my school pictures is on the wall. I like to look at the one from fifth grade, when I still looked like nothing could deflate me. It brings me back to my core joie de vivre, rooted in God.
Do you have a picture that helps you re-orient to experience your special God-given self? Our Head Verger, Bill LaVoie, recently shared the picture below with me. You can see the makings of a Head Verger in the young man walking by himself right behind the teenage girl.
So, let's have some fun as these Reflections come to a close. Reply with a proposed caption for the comment being made by the two fellas right behind Bill. The winner will be declared tomorrow!

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Interim Rector 

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