This is our week for hints about crafting your own reflection time. Hint #3: Whatever you do, don't let it be dreary!  God really does not need lots of dreary people speed dialing each morning. I find my prompts for time with God through the Mission St. Clare website, but there are countless others available. This one also offers a Morning Prayer service and always includes art, so if you are missing my offering of a daily image, it will be a good place to turn.

From any such source, you can spend time with the Scripture, with the music, with the Saint du jour, or the art. Follow where your heart leads, and use the time being conscious of God's company prompting your thoughts. Frankly, you could open a can of tuna and receive God's guidance, so long as you did so looking for it there. "Seek and ye shall find," promises the Good Book. (Luke 11:9)

Today, my heart demanded that I spend time with the saint of the day, Johann Sebastian Bach. Perhaps best known as an organist in his own lifetime, Bach's prolific compositions of sacred music leave us in his debt and engender the highest regard from musicians around the world.

Bach suffered the loss of both parents while he was still a schoolboy. Every single person reading this has suffered great loss. That's just how life goes. Bless you, Johann Sebastian, for so wonderfully showing us that beautiful music may follow our losses, through us or for us.

Pastor Kathleen Kelly,  
Interim Rector 

Enjoy Prelude and Fugue in C Major, BWV 545: Fugue by Bach brought to us by Frederick Swann  

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