Hint #4: When crafting your own mode of reflecting daily upon the things of God, aim for something that feels more like love-making than study. You'll be more likely to stick with it! Like any other beloved, God desires your conscious company, so pick whatever modality takes you into awareness of God's nearness. The Scripture and music of the Daily Office readings get me there, and I'll keep commending them for enrichment, but your most reliable tool might be something else: sitting alone with the flowers and birds, being observant on a walk, or a time of contemplative practice such as Centering Prayer, as explained here by Trappist monk Thomas Keating.

Today is the Feast Day for Mary, Martha and Lazarus of Bethany. Their status shows how much it meant to Jesus to have loving BFFs. Jesus took respite at their home and enjoyed their hospitality. Each saint day has its own Scripture readings. The Mission St. Clare website sticks with the normal daily readings, since those often present a continuing saga, and they don't want to leave out segments. But the alternate readings for the saint(s) appear after the prayer honoring them.

Those for today include part of Ruth's story. Ruth's pledge of fidelity to her foreign-born mother-in-law ("whither thou goest, I will go," in the KJV)  is so powerful that it is often used at weddings. Pondering this or another favorite passage might be the core of your daily love-sharing time with God. Take the time, and all else will go more smoothly.

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Interim Rector 

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