With today's Daily Office readings, the Mission St. Clare website reminds us that it is the Feast Day of Priscilla and Aquila, a Christian couple who collaborated with St. Paul in his ministry. Priscilla is often cited as evidence of prominent leadership by women in early Christian practices.

They resided in Rome, but had to flee during an expulsion of Jews from the capital city. This was no doubt a frightful time for them, necessitating that some possessions be left behind. They settled in Corinth, where they met Paul. After working with him there and in Ephesus, they eventually returned to Rome, escaping turmoil in Ephesus.

Some of us are experiencing great duress now. There are front line health care workers in our parish, and the reports from our local hospitals are starting to sound alarms as patients fill the available space and some medications have to be rationed. While these parishioners are overwhelmed by their work, others are suffering for lack of work.

Most of us are only suffering minor inconveniences. Our online worship affords a safe way to praise God together and be inspired. Indeed, we may sing our lungs out in the safety of our own homes.

What can all of us learn from Priscilla and Aquila today? God does not cause our calamities, large or small, but God sure knows how to turn them to good purposes. God served the early church well through their forced travels and is eager to serve our world well though us.

Pastor Kathleen Kelly,  
Interim Rector  

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