Today is Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Today's Top Stories:
  • On Monday night, Athens City Council held its weekly meeting that resulted in the tabling of an ordinance that would have extended the city-wide mask mandate. Therefore, the mandate ended as of Monday. The most recent version of the ordinance, which was introduced by Councilwoman Sarah Grace, D-At Large, would have extended the mandate to March 31. However, the version before would have extended it to May 31. City Law Director Lisa Eliason told Council that if no action was taken to amend the ordinance, it would become null due to the fact that the body can’t extend an expired mandate. Find out more about the mandate here
  • Winter weather is not always everyone’s favorite part of the year, but it becomes even more unfavorable when it leads to power outages. Such outages have been happening in Athens and other parts of Southeast Ohio for many winters now due to the power infrastructure and a combination of ice, strong winds and heavy snow that put extra stress on power grids. American Electric Power, or AEP, has been working to upgrade the grid throughout the state to avoid future outages like one last winter that caused over 16,000 households to lose power. Learn more here.
  • The topic of midwifery and being a doula is not something that is taught in a widespread manner. For Lauren Genter and Laura Valle, they have taken up their careers as midwives through circumstances of chance but have fallen in love with what they do every step of the way. The midwifery model is great for providing individualized care of low-risk pregnant people, enabling them to make decisions that best suit them based on the knowledge they’ve gained from available resources. Having a midwife-led birth room puts the focus on the person who is pregnant, creating a much calmer atmosphere in contrast to a physician-led birth room that can be much more chaotic. Read more
  • Alec and Kyran Hagan have not had easy collegiate wrestling careers. Kyran wasn’t able to compete for his first full year until the 2021-22 season due to multiple injuries. In the 2019-20 season, Alec qualified for the NCAA Championships, but it was canceled because of COVID-19. The next season, he also sustained a significant injury, tearing a ligament in his elbow and therefore unable to replicate his qualification for the NCAA Championships for 2020-21. Regardless, the brothers have a special bond that their fellow wrestlers cannot replicate. Read the rest of the Hagan story
  • Not only is Professor Steven Evans an accomplished psychology professor, but he is the co-director of the Center for Intervention Research in Schools. He was initially hesitant to accept a position at Ohio University, but after being immersed in the culture of his department, he knew it was the right place to be. Evans was even named a distinguished professor of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences in 2019. From receiving his undergraduate degree at Bowling Green State University until his work at OU expanding the child clinical psychology program, learn more about Evans here
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