Today is Friday, March 18, 2022
Ohio’s 2021-22 season came to an end Thursday night when it lost 87-57 to South Dakota State in the first round of the Women’s National Invitation Tournament. Nothing went the Bobcats’ way against the Jackrabbits, and things were already looking bleak as early as halftime, when the Bobcats were trailing by 12 points. Yaya Felder tying her career-high in points and the team shooting perfect from the free throw line in the second half were overlooked by poor shots all game and the team not leading once throughout the night. Click below for the numbers to know from Ohio's loss to South Dakota State.
While not known by everyone, child life specialists are considered by some to be vital to the health care process. Existing since the 1920s, the profession aims to improve health care experiences for children while they are in the hospital. What also isn’t known by many is that March is Child Life Month, which is meant to honor the child life specialist profession. Many universities don’t offer the major required to work in this profession. Ohio University, however, has the only endorsed program and master’s program in the state of Ohio. To read more about the child life profession, OU’s unique opportunities in the field and the month celebrating it by clicking the button below.
In this episode of 'What Happens on Court Stays on Court,’ Hannah and Tate give a spotlight and talk to local Athens/Ohio University band Rent Free and get a preview for fest season, which begins this weekend. Rent Free’s roots come from two of its members playing music in their basement when they were juniors in high school, and the band was fully formed at OU. While heavily influenced by the punk genre, the band also mixes styles in their music as well. Following the trio’s first gig at Red Brick Tavern, Rent Free’s position in the music scene has progressed.
Bad Suns has been around since 2012, and the California rock band’s eccentric and vibrant style makes it stand out in the alternative music scene. The band — consisting of frontman Christo Bowman, bassist Gavin Bennett, drummer Miles Morris and guitarist Ray Libby — produces music that gives listeners a sense of nostalgia for hot summer nights and teenage years. They began with an EP, Transpose, in 2013 and produced their first studio album the following year. The band has since shared the stage with major bands such as The 1975 and The Vaccines. Click the button below to read more about Bad Suns in this artist spotlight. 
Opinion: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 215 into law Monday. The bill will allow Ohio residents 21 and older with legal access to a handgun to conceal carry it without a license requirement. Individuals no longer need to prove that they can responsibly wield a handgun they are concealing, nor do they need to go through any gun-handling training. While supporters of the bill often refer to the constitution’s Second Amendment to defend this new change, there is nothing written in the U.S. Constitution about concealing a weapon. Click the button below to read why it makes more sense to require a license to conceal carry here. 
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