Today is Tuesday, April 12, 2022
If it seems like Brenden Roder and Colin Kasperbauer have been playing together for years every time they step onto the field, it’s because they actually have. The duo’s fathers played baseball together at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa. Sioux City became the place Roder and Kasperbaur grew up and started their own baseball journeys. While they didn’t initially attend the same high school, they played travel sports together. Their friendship continued to flourish even when they played baseball at separate colleges until a former teammate of Kasperbauer ended up bringing the duo to Ohio.
Southeast Ohio is full of pleasant surprises when it comes to getaway destinations. There are tons of different types of places to stay in a wide array of magical locations. If you’re a fan of treehouses, you can stay in a cozy one in Hocking Hills, but if you prefer to stay on the ground, you can stay in a private yurt and go on all kinds of excursions at The Wilds in Zanesville. No matter what type of trip you want to go on, there are plenty of underrated options in Southeast Ohio.
No one has to walk very far around campus to see the branding decals Ohio University has placed onto various buildings. The decision to incorporate the glorified stickers was intended to strengthen OU’s branding but, instead, turned out to be a great way to destroy the facades of buildings’ Athens-specific aesthetic for $40,000. Clearly, the “Make Respect Visible” signs were received well by students, the removal of all of the signs placed in the ground being clear evidence. Since things like signs and posters are easily stolen, it seems OU felt the best choice for its next marketing move was something more permanent.
Beads & Things, 8 N. Shafer St., has walls that could tell stories for days. They are lined with tables and shelves of relics varying in age and listen to music from days of past and present. The shop lives on the first floor of its owners, Jo Merkle and Phil Berry’s, house, in which they live part-time. The pair bead together in the shop that Merkle opened in 1990, which is full of various collections of beads, jewelry and other creative things for customers to browse and craft with.
During its meeting Monday night, Athens City Council discussed potential ordinances pertaining to the city fire department and parking permits. Members of the City and Safety Services Committee spoke at the meeting, explaining the state of the current fire department headquarters, with City Service Safety Andy Stone asking Council to consider appropriating funds for repairs. Councilman Jeff Risner, D-2nd Ward, introduced changes to Athens’ 72-hour parking permit application and enforcement process during the Transportation Committee. The committee also talked about annual street paving projects for 2022 that included parts of North Congress Street and Palmer Street.
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