May 1, 2020
Daily Devotional Podcast

You may join me for a part of my own daily devotionals by sharing in the podcast below.  It runs about 15 or so minutes.

We will have the links in tomorrow's weekend update for you to worship with us by video this weekend.  Services will include traditional worship, contemporary worship, and Kids time.

Daily Update

The United Methodist Church has established a special mission fund to help people especially hard hit by COVID-19.  This fund will allow church people on the front lines to respond to such things as food shortages, shortages of water and hygiene resources, and health care.  If you would like to contribute to this fund, please make clear that your mark your check "special COVID 19" mission fund.

We will be putting an online hymn sing on our website next week.  This will probably be one of several we will produce.  If there is a hymn or song you would like us to include in one of them, please write back and let me know.

According to my resources, we have some strange days coming up this weekend.  You can look through the list, but you might want to consider making your own plans.

Tomorrow is Naked Gardening Day.  I have never tried it, never will, and don't recommend it.  It is also "Wildfire Awareness Day," certainly not a situation where you want get caught naked in your garden.

It is also "Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day," which causes me to think that naked gardening surely doesn't help matters...

It is also "Join Hands Day" which we will need to forego this year, and "Baby Day" and "Free Comic Book Day."  I don't know what either of those mean.  So...whatever your original plans were for might just want to stick to them.

Sunday, May 3 is "World Laughter Day" which makes me think that we might still be laughing 24 hours later if we actually did see anyone gardening naked the day before.  It is also "Garden Meditation Day," which is something I probably could do...if the garden actually had something growing in it yet.  It is "Two-different colored shoes Day" which is probably okay to do this year since nobody will be getting close enough to you to notice.  And it is Lumpy Rug Day and Paranormal Day, both of which I will not be observing...but go for it if you want.
Birthday Celebrations

5/2                  Dave & Peggy Ropiequet
5/2                  Dave & Linda Schilling
5/12                Bobby & Madonna Lockett
5/21                Kenneth & Deanne Corrie
5/28                Don & Jane Perry
5/29                Walter & Angelica Beltran
5/3                  Anita Tutt
5/8                  Cheryl Armstrong
5/9                  Nadine Boyer
5/9                  Connie Lotts
5/10                Betty Colclasure
5/11                Guy Loucks
5/12                Annette Bryant
5/15                Shirley Burton
5/16                Kaylee Beals
5/22                Matthew Ashby
5/25                Susan McDevitt
5/29                Richard Butler
5/31                Don Perry