Good Friday April  10, 2020
Good Friday 
Online Worship

The worship service is now posted online for Good Friday.

On Saturday afternoon, we will post the Easter Vigil worship.  And later Saturday night, we will post the Easter Day service for everyone.

You can still participate in the Maundy Thursday service online if you haven't done so yet.

You can check all our services at our website:
Daily Update

There will be no devotional podcast for the next several days as we are posting worship services instead for Holy Week.  Check the update each day to get the link for that day's worship service.  

Birthday Celebrations

4/9                  Amber Carrell
4/11                Myles Carrell
4/18                Steve Ferguson
4/18                William Thurn
4/19                Brian Isaacs
4/22                Averie  Florey
4/22                Jim Leitch
4/23                Joyce Lefever
4/26                Phyllis Fuqua
4/27                Bob Montgomery
4/27                Mary Sheppard
4/28                Paul Schabbing 

Life Goes On

Today, April 10, is Good Friday.  Many churches in the past offered Good Friday worship at noon, the time of the day the Bible tells us that Jesus was crucified.  Our Good Friday worship is available all day for your benefit.

Today is also Golfer's Day (although golf courses are closed in Illinois), Sibling Day (in honor of the day, I made my brother Steve, a pastor in the Springfield area, preach the Good Friday sermon you see online), and Safety Pin Day.  The story goes that in 1849, Walter Hunt owed a friend some money, and decided to invent something to make some money to pay his debt.  He came up with the safety pin.  It is a reminder to be thankful for human ingenuity and the motivation to use our creativity.  We've been seeing lots of that during this time of "shelter in place"