April 16, 2020
Daily Devotional Podcast

You may join me for a part of my own daily devotionals by sharing in the podcast below.  It runs about 15 or so minutes.

Daily Update

Our update is getting out a little late today, due to tech problems (batteries needed to be replaced on the recorder for the daily devotional...and no batteries in the house...so I had to find my car keys and face mask and go buy some.  

Little new news today.  Val Gibson and the "Shelter in Place" singers recorded 8 new hymns today at the church. The piano is a little out of tune, but the piano tuner can't come until the restrictions are lifted.  So, if you are one of those people who has been noticing that the piano is out of tune...we'll get it tuned as quickly as we can.

With all the extra hymns that we have been able to record, I am planning on producing a "hymn sing" video later this month that the congregation can enjoy.

Birthday Celebrations

4/18                Steve Ferguson
4/18                William Thurn
4/19                Brian Isaacs
4/22                Averie  Florey
4/22                Jim Leitch
4/23                Joyce Lefever
4/26                Phyllis Fuqua
4/27                Bob Montgomery
4/27                Mary Sheppard
4/28                Paul Schabbing 

Life Goes On

Today, April 16 is Washington D.C. Emancipation Day...the day that Abraham Lincoln officially freed the slaves in Washington D.C.  They were freed in 1982, many months before his national emancipation proclamation took place.

It is "Wear Your Pajamas to Work" day, a curiosity from the old life.  Now, with so many working from home during this shelter-in-place, we probably set a record for those who were wearing PJs will working.  I suppose that even those who sleep in their birthday suit would be able to wear their "pajamas" to work, as long as there are no video conferences to attend.

It is also "High Five" day, but we oughtn't to be doing that this year.

It is "Save the Elephant" day, not sure if that is sponsored by an environmental group or the GOP...you can decide for yourselves since the church isn't supposed to get mixed up in politics.

It is Eggs Benedict Day...and while it may be too late today for you to fix that for breakfast, maybe you can make it for yourself tomorrow morning...only a day late.

And it is "College Student Grief Awareness Day," a peer led program active on 50 college campuses (until recently) that encourages college students to grieve in healthy ways.  One in three college students has experienced a recent loss of a loved one.
Didn't mean to get political, but this was pretty good.  It could also go for many other industries and their lobbying.