April 28, 2020
Daily Devotional Podcast

You may join me for a part of my own daily devotionals by sharing in the podcast below.  It runs about 17 or so minutes.

Note that you can listen to any of our worship videos or the "Through the Bible" audio presentations on our church's website:   mattoonumc.com.  

Daily Update

I had a nice conversation with Todd Krost (the new pastor here effective July 1) and he reports that their family is doing well...no small feat with three daughters all at home!  He wanted to know how everyone here was doing and was glad to hear that people are staying healthy...for the most part.  He reads these daily updates and asks me about the different church members who have been sick or in the hospital...and it is a good way for him to began making a place for all of you in his heart.

On a different subject:  the parsonage is in need of a working riding lawn mower.  Because of budget cuts, we no longer pay to have the parsonage mowed.  Both Todd and I enjoy mowing grass...and that is no problem.  But it takes up to three hours at a time to mow this yard with the push mower I use...and I'm thinking that it would be a good thing for Todd to have a functional riding mower to use when he gets here. If anyone has one to donate...or would like to contribute toward one, please let me know. Randy McDowell, chair of the trustees, will have the final say-so on the church's end.
Life Goes On

April 28 is "Blueberry Pie Day," which I may have to celebrate tomorrow because I already went to the story and didn't know at the time to get blueberries.  I have only baked one blueberry pie in my lifetime, but maybe it is time for another.  And as long as we are on the topic of food, it is also "Shrimp Scampi Day."

Today is also "Clean Comedy Day."  Humor can be a sign of intelligence...full of originality, creativity, agility to think outside the box.  But some humor simply relies on the same tired shock-effect of certain words, sounds, and delicate topics.  I'm no prude, but I am against cheap humor, mean-spirited humor, and worn out topics. So Clean Humor Day sounds fine to me...but it better be just as funny as risqué humor.  You don't get a pass just because it's clean. (Oops, didn't mean to get to preaching there.)

It is Biological Clock Day, a reminder that our bodies are in a holistic rhythm with days and seasons.  If we try to do too much at night...or keep too cold in the summer...well...I won't preach another sermon.  But what a good idea it is to try to get our bodies and minds in rhythm with the world as God created it.

And it is "Cubicle Day," in honor of the man who invented the cubicle, Robert Probst.  Mr. Probst intended to invent a workspace that was humane and productive. But later in life he was disappointed at how businesses crammed rooms full of his cubicles.  He said, "The cubicilizing of people in modern corporations is monolithic insanity."  

Birthday Celebrations

5/2                  Dave & Peggy Ropiequet
5/2                  Dave & Linda Schilling
5/12                Bobby & Madonna Lockett
5/21                Kenneth & Deanne Corrie
5/28                Don & Jane Perry
5/29                Walter & Angelica Beltran
4/28                Paul Schabbing 
5/3                  Anita Tutt
5/8                  Cheryl Armstrong
5/9                  Nadine Boyer
5/9                  Connie Lotts
5/10                Betty Colclasure
5/11                Guy Loucks
5/12                Annette Bryant
5/15                Shirley Burton
5/16                Kaylee Beals
5/22                Matthew Ashby
5/25                Susan McDevitt
5/29                Richard Butler
5/31                Don Perry