April  7, 2020
Daily Podcast

The daily podcast (15 minute devotional, recorded in my home study each day) is available.

It include music, scripture readings, daily thanksgiving, intercessions, and a benediction.
Daily Update

It's been a very busy day around the church as we are taping four worship services for this weekend:  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil (Saturday), and Easter morning (Sunday).

For the Maundy Thursday worship, we will be having "virtual communion."  The video will include the bread and cup here at the church, but you will need to have supplies in your own home to share together.  Before Thursday, plan to have some bread (or crackers) handy along with grape juice or wine.  If you don't have grape juice or wine, you can use water.  (Since Jesus turned water into wine, we will be forgiven if we only show up with the water and depend on him to do his thing!)

Melissa Ferguson reports that her mother was buried in a beautiful graveside service yesterday.  If you would like to drop her a note, her new address is:  10296 Old State Road, Mattoon, IL  61938.

Bev Dennis reports that the church collected $885 so far for the United Methodist Women Day of Prayer and Self-Denial.  She thanks the congregation for contributions and also enjoyed the notes people sent telling how they are spending these quarantine days.  

Life Goes On
Today, April 7, is National Beer Day.  Since I'm not a beer drinker, I guess I'll see what else is happening.

It is also "No Homework Day."  I don't know if that means for students or for adults.  But I spent six hours earlier today doing my homework for recording worship services... so maybe I'll postpone this observance until later in the week.  By then, however, I'm sure Jie will have some work around the house for me to do.

Today is "Making the First Move Day," encouraging people who witness bullying to make the first move to get it stopped.  

It is also World Health Day and National Beaver Day.  We are certainly putting in a great effort to help the world's health these days.  As for National Beaver Day, I'm not sure what to say about that, except that the beaver is Canada's national animal.  I did not know that.