April 15, 2020
Daily Devotional Podcast

You may join me for a part of my own daily devotionals by sharing in the podcast below.  It runs about 15 or so minutes.

Daily Update

Due to the COVID-19 we had to cancel several of our trips this summer, including a mission trip to Guatemala. Jordan has been working with the airline to get flight tickets refunded and found out today that they will issue refunds.  I asked him if he had to break someone's arm to get them to do that...and he reported that he just used charm.  I guess I'm too old for that to work anymore for me.  But maybe when I'm really old...and my crankiness is cute instead of irritating...maybe I'll be able to charm people too.

Please remember to send your offerings to the church or drop them by.  If you have an outdoor key card, you can slip your offerings under the office door if no one is there.  But if you do that, be sure that you check your quarterly report (or call the office) to confirm that it was received.  You may also contribute electronically by calling Dora at the church office.

Birthday Celebrations

4/18                Steve Ferguson
4/18                William Thurn
4/19                Brian Isaacs
4/22                Averie  Florey
4/22                Jim Leitch
4/23                Joyce Lefever
4/26                Phyllis Fuqua
4/27                Bob Montgomery
4/27                Mary Sheppard
4/28                Paul Schabbing 

Life Goes On

Today, April 15 is tax day in the United States, except it isn't this year, as filing deadlines have been postponed until July 15.  

So, without taxes to occupy our minds today, we can also probably dispense with another observance, "That Sucks Day."  April 15, however, was the day Abraham Lincoln died (1865) and the day the Titanic sunk, so...I guess it still sort of sucks.

But focusing on the negative is of no use these days, and so it might be better to think of today as "Banana Day." How many different ways have you eaten bananas?  I'm thinking...plain, banana split, banana bread, fried banana, banana fruit dip...

It is also "American Sign Language Day."  The first American sign language began in 1815 at a school for the deaf.  It utilized both Native American sign language and French sign language.  Today, my 19 month old granddaughter also can sign a number of words.  

Today is also Micro-volunteering Day.  Don't have time to do something major...or don't have permission to leave the house to do some volunteering...today is your chance! Micr0-volunteering is doing something small and simple for someone...perhaps a note, a quick email or phone call, or something easy and simply to bring someone else some joy.

And finally, April 15 is "Take a Wild Guess Day," perhaps inspired by the number of people who fill out their taxes by simply taking a wild guess.  Don't do your taxes that way, but take a wild guess on some other stuff today, write down your guesses, and see how many of them come true.  Take a wild guess about the weather, or the reopening of church, or sports, or someone's love life...anything but your taxes!
Didn't mean to get political, but this was pretty good.  It could also go for many other industries and their lobbying.