April 22, 2020
Daily Devotional Podcast

You may join me for a part of my own daily devotionals by sharing in the podcast below.  It runs about 17 or so minutes.

Daily Update

Dora has mailed out the financial giving statements for the first quarter.  If you did not receive one, or if it is inaccurate, please call the office and leave a message.  We think we have processed each contribution, but with ordinary activities so disrupted, there is a higher than normal chance of a mistake.  So, please check and let us know if there are any problems.
Life Goes On

Today, April 22, is Earth Day.  Ever since I was in high school and we were learning about water and air pollution, this has been an important day to consider and appreciate the earth and all its many blessings.  In ways that are small and big, we continue to face the challenges of nearly 7 billion people who now live on the earth and depend on its air, land, and water.

Today is also Administrative Professionals Day, and for our church, that would be Dora.  Thank you Dora for all the paper work you do, the computer work, the people work...  Our church is very fortunate to have you with your dedication to both service and to growth toward excellence.

Today is also "World Stationery Day" and "Jelly Bean Day," in case you want to send Dora a note and a gift.  (I do not know her opinion on Jelly Beans, however, so please do not inundate her with them.

Finally, today is also Bookmobile Day.  I've always enjoyed using a regular library myself (love them!) but what a great service bookmobiles are for those who cannot get to a library on their own.
Birthday Celebrations

4/22                Averie  Florey
4/22                Jim Leitch
4/23                Joyce Lefever
4/26                Phyllis Fuqua
4/27                Bob Montgomery
4/27                Mary Sheppard
4/28                Paul Schabbing