April 29, 2020
Daily Devotional Podcast

You may join me for a part of my own daily devotionals by sharing in the podcast below.  It runs about 17 or so minutes.

Note that you can listen to any of our worship videos or the "Through the Bible" audio presentations on our church's website:   mattoonumc.com.  

Daily Update

With the change in pastors this summer, the annual conference has asked us to set moving dates.  Mattoon First is the first in a string of pastoral moves that will involve at least four pastors.  All pastors, no matter when they move their families, begin their formal duties at their new churches simultaneously, on July 1.  And the aim is to get all the pastors moved to their new appointments by that date.

Keeping this in mind, and in order to give others down the line time to get moved...and churches to have time to prepare the parsonages for their new residents, Jie and I will be moving our of the Western Avenue Heights parsonage on June 10.  

We have not heard a firm date for the Krost family arrival, but it is likely to be June 15...give or take a couple days.  I'll let you know more when I hear from Todd.

The trustees, under the direction of their chair, Randy McDowell, will supervise the work that needs to be done to prepare for the Krosts.  He will be letting all of you know what you can do to help as he makes his lists.

Today, April 29, is Zipper Day.  On this day in 1913, Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-American, received a patent for what he called a "buttonless hook."  Other forms of the zipper had been around for 60 years, but this is considered the beginning of the modern zipper.

Today is also Stop Food Waste Day, an enterprise that seems a little easier while we have to be more mindful shopping...and eating out less.

This is also Guide Dog Day, a time to appreciate one more gift that animals provide humans.

Birthday Celebrations

5/2                  Dave & Peggy Ropiequet
5/2                  Dave & Linda Schilling
5/12                Bobby & Madonna Lockett
5/21                Kenneth & Deanne Corrie
5/28                Don & Jane Perry
5/29                Walter & Angelica Beltran
5/3                  Anita Tutt
5/8                  Cheryl Armstrong
5/9                  Nadine Boyer
5/9                  Connie Lotts
5/10                Betty Colclasure
5/11                Guy Loucks
5/12                Annette Bryant
5/15                Shirley Burton
5/16                Kaylee Beals
5/22                Matthew Ashby
5/25                Susan McDevitt
5/29                Richard Butler
5/31                Don Perry