May 22, 2020
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Interview Podcast
Elliott Burrell

The Burrell family:  Bryan, Adam, Elliott, and Krista...and their owner, Kabo, in front.  Not sure about the spelling of the dog's name, but hear that he isn't too particular how you spell his name as long as you feed him.

Daily Update

The church council members are voting (by phone) today on whether to accept a $5000 forgivable loan from the annual conference.  The conference is offering all churches this opportunity on the following conditions:
  • That we make extra efforts to keep our churches together and strong during this pandemic
  • That we pay our 2020 apportionments (money we pay for our cooperative work as United Methodists) in full
  • That we do not simply close up shop and terminate the church
  • That we do not leave the United Methodist denomination in 2020 or 2021.  
If all the conditions are met, the no-interest loan will be forgiven.

As you can see, the conditions attached to this loan/grant have several underlying motivations.  One is a sincere effort to help churches fund new types of ministry that are necessary during this pandemic.  A second is to help churches survive that might be on the edge.  A third is to remind everyone of the strength of being connected and united...that there is a great benefit in being a connectional system.  And finally, there is encouragement here to stay loyal if a split should occur due to future conflicts over how the church will handle issues of human sexuality.


The governor has announced that our region of the state will enter "Phase 3" of getting back to normal this coming week.  This means that we can begin to hold gatherings of up to ten people.  While this is not a practical number to begin resuming regular worship services yet, it will allow us to begin holding youth meetings, small groups, Sunday School classes, and Bible Studies.  I will be talking with the various leaders of our small groups and classes to begin making plans to gather again.


Jordan Thomas will be making an announcement in the Sunday worship videos regarding his future plans and how they will affect FUMC.  We will include more information in this daily update next week.

There will be no daily update on Monday, May 25 because my wife said I am not allowed to work on Memorial Day.

Life Goes On

Here are a few ideas to help you plan your Memorial Day weekend.  Of course, you will want to take some time on Monday to remember all those who gave their lives for our country.  But it will be a long weekend, and here are a few other things to occupy your time until we get back to the grind on Tuesday:

Saturday, May 23 is Lucky Penny Day.  

Here are some of the common superstitions that people have regarding pennies...
  • Do not spend a penny that you find. Instead, save it for luck.
  • If you place a penny in your shoe, it will bring good fortune.
  • Carrying three pennies with you is going to bring you good luck.
  • Throwing a penny coin over your left shoulder into a wishing well or water will grant your wish.
  • Tossing a penny when you have a problem enables fate to take care of the issue for you.
  • Coins with holes in them are considered especially lucky. 
  • If you put the first penny you get every day into your pocket, you are going to attract more as the day continues.
  • If you find a penny, it means that there is more money coming your way.
  • If you keep a coin in your baby's crib, the baby will grow up to be wise, wealthy, and healthy.
  • To secure good luck, you should carry a penny that was minted in your birth year.
  • Having a jar filled with pennies in your kitchen is good luck.
  • If you toss a penny overboard while you are traveling at sea, it will bring you a safe trip. 
  • Some also say that you should carry a penny in your pocketbook, which is wrapped in paper, so you are able to say that you are never broke.
Tomorrow is also "Turtle Day."  Which are you more likely to find on the ground tomorrow:  a penny or a turtle?  You could cover both celebrations at once if you take a long walk until you find one of each.

Sunday, May 24, is Escargot I am expecting all of you to enjoy snails as the entrĂ©e of your Sunday dinner.  Looking forward to hearing about it.

Sunday is also Tiara Day, an accessory that my daughters loved to wear when they were little.  If they still wear them, they don't tell anyone.

Sunday is also Brothers Day.  I've got three of them, and maybe we'll enjoy the day by arguing and fighting with each other.  After all, we had to behave ourselves and cooperate a couple weeks ago for Mother's Day...and have been too busy since to get back to normal.

Sunday is also Indianapolis 500 Day.  In all the craziness, this year's race has been postponed until August 23.

And in case you have some time left over on Monday, May 25, you can celebrate Geek Pride Day, Tap Dance Day, Towel Day, and Wine Day.  Suggest you do something with towels and tap dancing BEFORE you do the wine thing...just so you will not wake up embarrassed on Tuesday.  

Monday is also the start of Italian Beef Week, which sounds to me more like the start of six days of left overs.  I'm fine with foods being given their own day, but a whole week of anything can get monotonous.  

And finally since I will not be sending an update on Monday, you will need to think ahead clear to Tuesday May 26, when it will be Paper Airplane Day, Dracula Day, and day two of Italian Beef Week.