Ascension Day, May 21, 2020
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Adam Burrell

The Burrell family:  Bryan, Adam, Elliot, and Krista...and their owner, in front, whose name I don't know

Daily Update

Mike Fender, former associate pastor here at Mattoon First, and pastor now in Sullivan, has requested prayer for his sister who has been placed in hospice.

Life Goes On

Tomorrow, May 22, is Sherlock Holmes Day.  When daughter Mindy was about 10 years old, I started reading Sherlock Holmes stories to her.  She was always a great reader on her own, but then one day I read an article by a very wise person who encouraged parents to KEEP reading to their children, even though they were capable of doing their own reading.  For Mindy and me, it turned out to be a time of deepening our relationship with each other, letting her be a child, and building memories.

Tomorrow is also Don't Fry in, if it is nice and sunny, don't get a sunburn.  It's probably been 25 years since I got a bad sunburn.  A day at the ocean without shirt and hat and sunscreen lotion will change your life...if you are smart.

Tomorrow is Maritime Day and International Biodiversity Day...things a Christian can celebrate as we wonder at all God has made.

On a less godly note, tomorrow is also Goth in Gothic design, clothing and appearance portraying death and darkness.  I was never into it, personally.  And when I am around people who sport such a look, I need to work a little extra to remember their complexity and be curious rather than judgmental.