May 28, 2020
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Interview Podcast
Whitley Dearing

Three generations:  Nancy, Whitley, Fran

Daily Update

Barry Hastings is on our prayer list.  He has been sick for quite some time and there is not a solid diagnosis that can determine how to help him get better.

Here is a list of June anniversaries and birthdays.  Please look it over and let me know (as soon as possible) if there are any additions or corrections.  Thank you.

1    Sharyl and Gary Juneau
2    Jim and Joyce Bell
7    Jan and Dan Bullock
7    Nancy and Trenton Dearing
15  Marion and Phylis Patrick
18  Larry and Ardis Larvick
19  Troy and Amber Carrell

1    Kathy Beals
6    Mike Snow
10  Alan Hildebrand
11  Philip Orman
12  Sonny Gourley
13  Elizabeth Edwards
16  Sharyl King
16  Lavaughn Skaggs
18  Anita Jones
18  Brenda West
22  Phyllis Strong
24  Oliver Florey
24  Luke Young
25  Jim Johns
26  Susie Beaumont
26  Bonnie Scrimager
26  Sue Warren
27  Dustin Maninfior
27  Kenneth Wooddell
28  Jane Orman
29  Cathy Minor
30  Zach Armstrong
30  Gerald Lowry