May 12, 2020
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Daily Update

Update on Linda Eagleson:  Gene reports that she is up and out of bed, and thought his omelet was appetizing...although she can't have solid foods yet.  She is hoping to come home tomorrow (from Springfield) if all the tests check out okay.


Due to either a technical glitch...or to my own human error...the wrong daily got sent out yesterday...a repeat of last Friday's update.  Both Mark Richardson and Dora Dallas immediately let me know what happened, and I got into the program and sent the right one out...right afterward.

Interestingly, more people opened the WRONG daily than opened the proper one!  We have a counter on how many people open these emails:  43% opened the wrong one, 42% opened the right one.  


Interviews coming later this week will be with Peggy Ropiequet, Ella Viertel, and Jordan Thomas.  If you would be willing for me to do a phone interview podcast with you, please let me know.  Likewise, if there is someone you want to hear from, tell me.  I only have 15 of them left.


Tomorrow, May 13 is a REALLY full day.  Here is how I suggest you organize it:

Since it is Apple Pie Day, I suggest you make that your breakfast.  For lunch, get some pita bread and dip it in hummus, as it is International Hummus Day.  If you make your own, you'll need chickpeas, garlic, sesame oil, and lemon.  For supper, kick back and enjoy World Cocktail Day.  Or should that be before supper?  Or do cocktails come after supper?  How would I know, I'm a Methodist preacher.  I think I'll just forego the cocktail and eat the other half of my apple pie.

Tomorrow is also Root Canal Appreciation Day, which you would not have needed if you had eaten more apple it is a little known fact that while an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an apple pie a day keeps the dentist away.  Just saw it right here on the internet!

If you've ever needed a root canal, you are probably thankful that you could get it done and get to feeling better.  On the other hand, I think I'll be thankful if I can get through another day WITHOUT having one.

Tomorrow is also Frog Jumping Day, which you could organize sometime mid afternoon.  This will give you some time during the morning to catch some frogs so you can show your neighbors how they can jump.

It is Third-Shift-Workers-Appreciation Day.  We don't have so many third shifts these days with fewer manufacturing jobs.  But nurses, police officers, and mothers...etc. still have to pull this shift, along with businesses that are open all night.  I for one appreciate that the world is alive through the night in case you need it to be.

Tomorrow is also "Donate a Day's Wages to Charity Day."  And that is a good reminder to remember to support our church during this time while we are not gathering normally...our normal care of people and God's work is some ways, even more than in the past.