May 19, 2020
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Susie Beaumont

Susie...from one of her Facebook photos

Daily Update

We are now counting my remaining tenure here at Mattoon FUMC in days rather than weeks or months.  Some of the important work remaining in the next 15-20 days include:

Trustees (Randy McDowell):  prepare the parsonage for the Krost family.

Pastor Parish Relations Committee (Shelly Ashby):  find a way (in these odd times) to say goodbye to the outgoing pastor and a way to welcome the new pastor...and their families.

Finance (Tim Tutt):  Continue to monitor contributions and expenses to see that we are within budget and keeping pace with needs and apply for the conference forgivable loan by June 15.

Church Council (Dave Viertel): Begin conversations about how to reopen the church...first beginning with all the things we can do in groups of 10, and then moving on to groups of 50.

Worship (Becky Thurn):  talk with the incoming pastor about what worship will look like until we are able to go back to normal.

Missions (Susie Beaumont):  keep abreast of the needs of people in our community during these difficult times and let people from FUMC know what they can do to help.

Hospitality (Dan Young):  make sure that the "shepherd groups" are in place early in June so that the interim period between senior pastors will not be a period of disconnection for the church members.

If you have any concerns or ideas to share with any of these committees or boards, please contact their chairs.
Life Goes On

Tomorrow, May 20, is "Be a Millionaire Day."  My only hope is if the stock market goes WAY up tomorrow...more than it ever has in history.  Short of that, I'll have to sit that one out.

But not to worry:  it is also Pick Strawberries Day...which for most of us may mean pick some up from the store.

It is also World Bee Day, which I have appreciation for since 70-80% of what we eat depends on bees pollinating plants...which provide food for other foods up the food chain.

And it is Quiche Lorraine Day, which gives me an idea for supper...or lunch...or maybe breakfast.  Lorraine is a region of France that apparently originally produced this dish.  There are different recipes for this, but I like to put heavy cream, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and a little white wine in when I make it.  Done right, it will take your mind off not being a millionaire.