March  27, 2020
Daily Update

As the weather improves, I am seeing many more people outside, walking past the house, trekking down the road, etc.  The governor has indicated that while playground areas are closed to the public, other areas of parks continue to be open for hiking, walking, running, and biking.  

The governor has also made more specific what churches can and cannot do in Illinois.  We may NOT use the church to hold office hours or work there regularly.  We may use our facilities to record and broadcast worship services, as long as we observe the "6 foot" physical distancing rule and have no more than 10 people.

A physical mailing is being sent out today from the church.  People should receive it Saturday or Monday.  It includes information on the United Methodist Women program, Prayer and Self-Denial and a letter from our finance chair, Tim Tutt.

You will receive a link in tomorrow's update to listen to this weekend's worship services.  Please take the time to join us so that we can continue to glorify God and grow spiritually during this season.

Next week (starting April 5) is Holy Week and we will have several special programs that week for you so that we can observe (by video) Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Saturday Vigil, and Easter Sunday.  It will be a VERY busy week of preparing and taping those worship services.

The finance committee is just now getting money and counters into place to finish the month of March.  We will have all our money counted and in the bank and all bills caught up on March 31.  Sometimes around the 2nd or 3rd of April, we will give you a full report on the balances of all our funds...using this daily update.

We have the following prayer concerns from Chrissy Leitch:  1) for a friend, Jack Smith, fighting cancer, 2) for another friend, Julie Neimeyer, whose father passed away, and 3) for another friend, Chris Ward, who has lost her job.  

As we pray for others, we are especially mindful of so many who have suddenly become unemployed.  

Today, March 27 is Spanish Paella Day.  I had to look it up:  Paella is made up of rice + a delicious sauce + meat or fish. We can't go to Spain to get some, where it is said the best Spanish Paella can be found.  But we can pray for the people of Spain these days (in the same boat our country is in) and make a little paella at home.

It is also International Whiskey Day. Go easy there. It is World Theater Day (makes us yearn for the day when we can go BACK to the theater).  And it is Quirky Country Music Day.  Prizes tomorrow for those who can send me the quirkiest country music lyrics. 
Publix and other Florida supermarkets are announcing special early morning shopping hours for people 60 and older.

The other 10 people in the state are thrilled to have the stores to themselves the rest of the day.
As I recall, the first Easter was just Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  And he told her not to touch him.