March  28, 2020
Daily Update

Worship services for tomorrow can be found HERE

Please encourage your friends and family to join us in these virtual worship services.

You may also listen to a 12 minute daily devotional for Saturday, March 28 if you CLICK HERE.  This is an audio only and I plan to provide these every day except Sunday.


Today, March 28 is Weed Appreciation Day.  That seemed strange to me, until it was clear a botanist wanted us to appreciate ALL plants.  A weed is merely a plant that is growing in a place where we don't want it.  But it can still be beautiful... and even valuable elsewhere.  

Today is also Black Forest Cake Day and Something on a Stick Day (as in marshmallows, corn dogs, shish kabobs, etc.)  It sure seems like we are having lots of food days... already some of us are gaining too much weight staying in.

It's not an official day, but today was also "first time this year I mowed my yard day."