March  31, 2020
Today's Podcast

Each day (Monday through Friday) I invite you to join me in my study at home for a portion of my personal devotions.  I include some scripture, some music, a personal list of things I've been thankful for in the past 24 hours, and some prayers of intercession.  

Please join me by 

I also recommend this recording (suggested by my seminary roommate, Dave Smith) of "It Is Well."  Unfortunately, it has advertisement, so skip those as soon as you can and enjoy the beautiful music.

Daily Update

Yesterday was Jordan's birthday.  Nobody came to his party.  (Except there was a virtual party for him on Zoom, but I was detained elsewhere and not able to join it.  I can't remember how old he is, but it's not important, since its nothing like 16, or 21, or 30.  Somewhere under 30 though.

Heard from Bill Clark.  He's been in Florida this winter.   Says that they are just now closing down everything there.  He hopes to be back in Illinois end of April or first of May.  It will be good to see him again.

Also heard from Mona Buckley and Dan Young, who reported that they are passing the link on for last Sunday's worship service to some friends they think might benefit from the message and music. Mona also reports that she enjoyed fresh baked chocolate chip cookies during this past Sunday's services.

Talked to Val Gibson today.  She is taking part in a Zoom Bible Study with folks out in Arizona.  She also reports that she and Ray went to church seven times this past Sunday (all online) but that it's not as good as being in one place in person.

We will be recording Holy Week and Easter singing at the church tomorrow after 5 p.m.  If you would like to help sing, please let me know.  As long as we don't have anymore than 8 singers, we are fine.  Thursdays are our taping and recording days at the church for everything else.  

If you have prayer concerns, or things you'd like to pass on to the congregation, please send me a note (to this email) or a text.  And remember, even though we are not generally working from the church, I am always available at my cell, 217-898-3148.

--Pastor Mike


Today, March 31 is a busy day.  Start with Crayola Crayon Day. The Crayola Company, started in 1903 by two cousins, has produced 400 different colors since then.  What is the biggest box of Crayola crayons you have in your house right now?  These may be good days to take them out and discover your inner child.

Today is also World Backup Day.  This is good, because I see that it has been several weeks since I backed up my laptop.  So, I just plugged in my backup drive to get this done while I'm writing to you.  Evidently, 1 in 10 computers currently is infected with a virus that may wipe out the entire hard drive.  So, while protecting ourselves from the COVID 19 virus, take care of the electronic kind too!

It is also Eiffel Tower Day.  The Eiffel Tower (probably the ugliest landmark I've ever seen anywhere in the world) was completed in Paris in 1889 to observe the centennial of the French Revolution.  Apologies to those of you who are smitten with the thing.

Today is Bunsen Burner Day, remembering the lab invention of Robert Bunsen, who invented his clean burning tool in 1854, a century before I was born.

And before we turn over a page to a new month, today is the last day to celebrate Umbrella Month (although why it's not in April...when we have showers that lead to May flowers, I don't exactly know.)  And March is Peanut Month.  Jie likes to eat bags of them while relaxing in the evening, a habit she picked up from her dad.