March  25, 2020
Daily Update

Thanks to pianist Val Gibson and singers Phyllis Dickinson, Jie Wu, Mark Richardson, and Jordan Thomas for meeting in the sanctuary today (six feet apart) to record 14 hymns for use on our website worship services and daily podcasts (hoping to start those next week.)  It was a good old fashioned hymn sing, except no-body would get near each other.

The finance committee met last night in their first video/phone in meeting.  We had a little trouble with the technology, but they were able to hear some reports and talk about sending a letter out the the congregation to let people know where we stand.  Because we have not been able to get mail for over a week now (and there are checks in the mail), it will be a few more days before we know exact figures to give you.  We hope to have those by the end of this week and I'll let you know in the daily update.  People have been bringing money by the church, however, and we are able to pay all our bills through the end of the month.  

The hospitality committee is meeting this evening by phone and talking about ways we can appoint people in the church to be "shepherds" (of 6-8 people) to help us keep track of our congregation and stay in touch better.  

Dan Young is feeling much better (and looked happy in the Hospitality Committee video conference!)  Dora's daughter, who works at the post office in Champaign, came down with some sort of flu yesterday, but found out today it is only strep throat.   

March 25 is Tolkien Reading Day.  I didn't know they had a day for J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings) but I'm glad they do.  If you haven't read his works, you will be surprised and rewarded by the power of his stories.  It is also Manatee Appreciation Day.  But you may want to wait awhile to head to Florida to see one.  And it is Waffle Day. I hope all the restaurants survive this, but especially my beloved Waffle House.  I try to catch one as soon as it is wise.