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When will COVID 19 End?

I have just finished reading The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson. It is about Winston Churchill, his family and staff during the Blitz (bombing of London and England) by the Germans in 1940. It is a very good book. My mother, grandmother and I lived in London at the time while my father was in the British Army in North Africa. When we went out, we would carry a gas mask in a box over our shoulders in case of a gas attack. You also had to know where the air raid shelters were. You certainly learned how to pray in those shelters! The Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm were helpful for such times.

When down in the shelter, you could tell how close the bombs were by the noise of the explosion and any shock wave you felt. The air raid shelters had a very special smell of musty, wet concrete and nervous perspiration, and there were spiders. My mother would go out to help with the bomb victims, and my grandmother and I would wait for the all clear to sound one or two hours later.
Yet, life still went on during this time. We went out shopping for what we could get with our ration book. You got in a line and hoped there was something left when it was your turn. You do grow up fast in a war zone. Two of the blocks around us were bombed, one just minutes after I left to go home early. A V2 (Block Buster) killed everybody in the building including the French boy with whom I used to play. We wondered when the bombing would stop and when the Germans would invade. They were uncertain times.

We spent three weeks in a cottage in the Whipsnade Zoo to get away from the bombing, and I rode the camels and elephants every day. Dixie the trained elephant ate my prize possession: my bow and arrow. I am still looking for a program of some kind to get over the loss!

Will COVID-19 come to an end? Yes. WWI, the 1918 Spanish flu, WWII and all the wars since then have come to an end, as will COVID-19. Matthew 7:7-8 says, "Ask, and it will be given to you. For the one who asks always receives." In our waiting, we need to remember that God is in charge, not us. He will provide a way through this season as He does with all seasons. So draw near to Him and keep the faith.
The Rev. Nicolas (Nick) R.D. Dyke
Pastoral Associate
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