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What Are You Looking For?

When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, “What are you looking for?”  
John 1:38, NRSV

What would your reaction be if Jesus stood in front of you and asked, “What are you looking for?” Would you be too shocked because Jesus was in front of you? Or shocked because He was speaking to you? Would you respond? Could you give an answer?

Trusting Jesus means believing that He genuinely wants to help you. And He will! Maybe you have on your heart right now a difficult problem with which you are wrestling, something in your life where you need help. It’s unlikely He is going to immediately solve it for you, like a divine fairy godmother, but He will give you the tools so that you can step forward in faith. Telling Jesus what it is you want is an act of faith, for in it we trust that Jesus wants to know our answer and that He will respond. As we do so, He will sow the seeds of wisdom, courage and faith so that you can discern the way forward. So, tell Him what you are looking for and then listen for the response. Be brave enough to trust. Overcome the doubts and fears, and believe that God will take care of you. When we respond to Jesus and tell Him what we are looking for, we don’t need to worry if He hears us. He does. He knows what’s on our hearts before we do.

When you plant a seed in the garden, you don’t go and dig it up everyday to see if it is growing. If you do that, then the seed will die. Instead you leave the seed to germinate and, in time, it will produce fruit. So, tell Him what you’re looking for, listen for a response and wait for the signs of new life that is His Voice showing you the way to go.

Almighty God;
You give seed for us to sow, and bread for us to eat;
make us thankful for what we have received;
make us rich to do those generous things which supply your people’s needs;
so, all the world may give you thanks and glory.
An Offering Prayer from A New Zealand Prayer Book
The Rev. Gill Keyworth
Pastoral Associate
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