2019-2020 Parish Theme:
Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit
Link to morning announcements
Below is a link to a video of our morning prayers and announcements for Thursday, March 26, 2020. Each day, I'll include the day's announcements in a bulleted list in this message so can skip the video if you wish.

Prayer to Jesus for Healing and Guidance - click here to pull up this special prayer.

Today's announcements:
-Our first installment of Fellowship Friday begins tomorrow. The idea of this special day is to provide time for our students to follow along with the 9:00 am Mass (see link later in this E-blast), allow students to connect via video conferencing with their peers and teachers, and to get caught up if necessary on work from the week. 

-There will be minimal or no new assignments given on Fellowshp Fridays. We hope students will enjoy this chance for social interaction with their classmates and teachers!

-Teachers will be using Zoom or Google Meet to offer their video conferencing. To learn more about how to use Zoom, you can follow this link https://youtu.be/d7xXZxRDFUU . Both tools free for students, do not require a login or account, and are similar for our students to use.

-Students will access the video conferences by clicking a link supplied by their teacher in their daily email. These video conferences will be organized, supervised, and run by our faculty. Parents are, of course, invited to view these sessions with their child.

-Like all new things involving technology, we know we will experience some snags with implementation. We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we get up to speed with these new technology tools! 

-While we feel our students will enjoy video conferencing and seeing their teacher and peers, these sessions are not mandatory .

-Likewise, students do not have to share the video feed from their device if they or their parents choose not to. 

-Tomorrow from 11:30 – noon, I’ll host a “introduce your pet” live streaming event. I look forward to showing you may dog, Harley, and look forward to meeting your pet.  If this conflicts with an online meeting with your class, please skip it. I’ll host more of these events in the future. I will send the link for the meeting in tomorrow's message.

-Below is a youtube video from Bishop Burbidge, who our school community prays for each day. 

-The following is a video from Bishop Burbidge specifically for 8 th graders preparing for Confirmation.

-You are all in my prayers and I miss you all. 

Survey Results

Distance Learning Survey Question #1
How much time does your child spend each day completing their distance education assignments?

Less than two hours - 6.6%

Two to three hours - 14%

Three to four hours - 24.8%

Four to five hours - 22.3%

Five to six hours - 17.4%

Six to seven hours - 7.4%

Seven hours or more - 7.4%

Distance Learning Survey Question 2:
Is your child appropriately challenged by their distance learning school work/assignments?

My child is not being challenged by the assignments - 8.2%

My child is challenged appropriately by the assignments - 79.1%

My child is overwhelmed by their assignments - 12.7%

Distance Learning Survey Question 3:
My child has established a daily routine for distance learning each day?

Yes - 65.1%

Not quite there....we're trying - 31.2%

No - 3.7%

Distance Learning Survey Question #4
I feel that my child's teacher(s) are communicating effectively what is expected each day.

Strongly Agree - 47.2%

Agree - 45.4%

Disagree - 6.5%

Strongly Disagree - .9%
Order from Governor Northam Closing Schools
All schools will remain closed through the end of this academic year. The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) will issue guidance to help divisions execute plans to continue instruction, while ensuring students are served equitably, regardless of income level, access to technology, English learner status, or special needs. This includes options for additional instruction through summer programming, integrating instruction into coursework next year, and allowing students to make up content. VDOE will submit a waiver to the federal government to lift end-of-year testing requirements and is exploring options to waive state mandated tests.
Financial Aid Deadline Extended
The deadline for 2020-2021 elementary FACTS Grant & Aid applications has been extended to  Friday, April 17, 2020 . Families are encouraged to submit as soon as they are able in advance of that deadline. In addition, families should know that applications received after the new deadline in April will be considered on an as-available basis determined by any remaining available funds.
The Office of Catholic Schools remains committed to doing everything possible to make Catholic education possible for families in need.
St. Mary's Church Facebook Page
On St. Mary's Facebook page, you can watch the live streaming religious services listed below. Another great way to keep up with our faith during this difficult time.

Daily Mass: Every day at 9am
Divine Mercy Chaplet: Every day at 3pm
Rosary: Every Day at 6:30pm
Stations of the Cross: Every Friday at 7pm

Access the live stream from the link below.
Please Send Photos
We miss seeing our students every day! To keep us connected, we would love to share pictures of how our students are learning from home. We know our talented and creative parents are doing great things to support our teachers. Please email photos to hcasecretary@holycrossweb.com and we will share with our community and through social media.
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2019-2020 HCA Yearbook
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Mission Statement

At Holy Cross Academy, we are guided by the spirit of Saint Francis de Sales as we dedicate ourselves to: 

  • Create an atmosphere of prayer and reliance on our heavenly Father;
  • Spread the message of Jesus in our families and our community by treating all persons with respect and showing reverence for the gift of God in each one;
  • Build up the Spirit-filled faith community within Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish;
  • Serve those in need in our local community and in the Missions through an awareness of our global responsibility to all humanity;
  • Develop the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically;
  • Promote academic excellence by challenging all our students to recognize their gifts and fulfill their God-given potential.

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