Everyday at 11:11 am Acre Brasil time (the Amazon), 
led by the indigenous spiritual leaders
of the Aniwa Community, 
we will be taking 5 minutes to pray
for rain to come and stop these fires.
You can use this image to visualize the needed rain to fall upon the amazon fires. See the rain clearly!!
Sharing this news about the Huni Kuin's land , with all our networks here in the US. And asking for their support.
And also this, from Rudy Randa.
Proposing a daily time to connect in with concentrated prayer.
"Good morning from the heart of the Amazon where I am safe and the trees are still lush and thriving.

The fires that are raging across the world are a wake up call , priming those who are unaware to come to awareness that we need to take care of this mesmerizing , stupendously gorgeous planet.

It is important not to fall into fear or anger.

Trust me, as someone who is on the front lines with these things, it is often hard not to angry, and yet anger is not the solution.
Many many people are reaching out to me asking how they can help. There are so many ways, but what is most important is for rain to come to halt the destruction of the forests.

Many people question whether "thoughts and prayers" actually work. I firmly believe they do, and I firmly believe that the power of collective thoughts and prayers is an insurmountable force that cannot be reckoned with. 

So let's put this to the test. There is nothing to lose.

Everyday at 11:11 am Acre Brasil time (the Amazon), led by the indigenous spiritual leaders of the Aniwa Community, we will be taking 5 minutes to pray for rain to come and stop these fires. 

Can we get 100,000,000 people concentrating on rain for the Amazon for 5 minutes each day ? 1 billion ?

I don't see why not and with all my heart I believe that prayers will be heard. 

Starting today 11:11 - which is also
11:11 am Chicago time,
9:11 am California time,
12:11 pm east coast time,
5:11 pm London time ,
6:11 pm Paris time,
7:11 pm Moscow time."
This is what is happening now in the Brazilian Rainforest.
´╗┐This is why we need a strong collective prayer. Join us!!!