Welcome to the Fall Edition of DIAMONDCuts enews from All-West Select Sires.   This issue was designed to save you time by giving you industry updates, bull highlights and some management information in one quick click of a button!  Enjoy the latest news from All-West!

Around All West

From Great Falls, Montana to San Diego, California, All West/Select Sires has a wide spectrum of customer owners and field staff that achieve great things. We have collected some highlights we would like to share. Whether it be achievements or accolades...Continue Reading

Stepping into the Spotlight
  Join All West/Select Sires in 2016 as we celebrate 75 years of "How the All West Was Won!"
Feeding to Breed
When Harry Anderson learned artificial insemination (AI) in the early 1970s, there seldom was a question of whether a cow was in heat.  Continue Reading 

20/20 Vision
One of the biggest strengths of All West is our member / owners.  From them we gather ideas, and we get inspired, and we learn how they run their businesses.  Continue Reading
Man in the Mirror
Has it happened to you before?  You might be reading a story about a dairy and think to yourself, 'I've faced those same struggles.'   Continue Reading


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