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Importance of Paperwork
By Sarah E. Fessenden, PAS; Business Development Manager

The most important part of your analysis is taking a representative sample. The second most important part is the paperwork submitted with your sample! When samples are submitted, there are several key pieces of identification that must be included. Your contact information and account number are the single most important pieces of information on the sample submittal form. If questions arise regarding the analyses to be performed, or where results are to be sent, we will need to be able to get in touch with you. If you are uncertain of your account number or need to verify if the appropriate email address is associated with your account, please call prior to submission to prevent potential delays in obtaining your results.

Additionally, it is important that all submitted samples are properly labeled, especially when sending in multiple samples. For example, consider this scenario; Premier Feed Mill sends in two haylage samples, one for farmer Martin and the second for farmer Stoltzfus. The sample information sheets are clearly marked, but the bags are not labeled. Upon reception at the lab, we would be unable to properly link sample to producer.

In a similar vein, all descriptions marked on sample bags should also be included on your submittal form. This is because only the submittal forms are used to enter customer information into the computer system. Sample bags remain in the Sample Receiving Department. Therefore, any description desired on the final analytical report needs to be included on the submittal sheet.

Finally, it is also crucial to write legibly on the form. Our Forage Lab Customer Support Team manually enters all information included on the sheets into our system. If the team is unable to distinguish between a "1" and a "7" or a "4" and a "9", they use their best judgment in deciphering the script. If a mis-identification of hand writing is made, please note we are unable to change descriptive information after final sample processing. This policy is in effect to prevent misrepresentation of results. Therefore, it is imperative that included information is presented in a legible manner.
In summary, appropriate and legible labeling and identifying of samples will ensure that the proper tests are performed and that you receive your results in a timely manner.
Forage App Update
We are currently working on the next version of the Forage Submittal Phone App. Feel free to send me an email with ideas and suggestions for updates you'd like us to consider for incorporation, what current functionality you'd like retained, and what aspects make the App difficult or clunky to navigate. We appreciate your input!
Meet Renee Foster
Renee is our senior lab technician in Sign-in/Sample Receiving Department and has responsibility for two other employees in the area. Renee leads a team that is the first point of contact with your samples and thus a most valuable component in charge of moving your samples through the lab in an organized manner with an end goal of timely results. Through a coordinated effort lead by Renee, the team prepares all feed, forage, manure, and water samples received by the lab. Samples are signed in, tagged with our internal coding system, dried and ground before being delivered to the lab. Renee's memory is second to none and she is able to remember and process special customer requests with ease. She also does a fabulous job synchronizing the timing of samples through the various lab departments for large research projects. She has been at Dairy One for 18 years and has been a member of in the Sign-in Department since day one!

"I enjoy working at Dairy One because I know that I have helped a customer by getting their sample(s) tested in a timely manner for them so they can help their animals do better."

Renee grew up on a dairy farm in Groton, NY and attended Groton Central School. She worked at a grocery store for a number of years before she felt the need to return to her roots and rejoin the dairy industry, bringing her to Dairy One in 2000. She currently lives in Freeville, NY with her husband, Dave; their two boys, Cayden and Conner; and their dog, Rocky. In Renee's free time, she enjoys bowling, taking care of the boys, spending time with her family, and helping her husband with custom haying.   
Dairy One launches new MUN report
by John Tauzel

This month Dairy One is launching a new Feed Management Diagnostic report. This exciting new offering provides farmers with an overview of the average MUN values for specific subsets of the herd (such as fresh cows) as well as average MUN values by pen. By offering farms a more detailed view of how groups of cows within the herd are performing, the new report allows farms and nutritionists to better see areas that could use review in the farm's feeding program.

Along with providing performance details about sub-sets of the herd, Dairy One's Feed Management Diagnostic report also highlights groups of cows that seem to be outside of the recommended MUN range (8-14 mg/dl). In doing so, farmers are quickly provided new insights into groups of cows that are not performing as well as their average herd mates.

The idea for the new report came after Dairy One's milk lab launched a milk screening initiative in late 2017. In just six months, the lab identified over 1,000 farms that had more than 50% of their cows with MUN values outside of the recommended range. In talking with farmers, it became obvious that many of them were just looking at average bulk tank MUN values. By just looking at the average herd MUN, they were not able to see differences within the herd. The Dairy One team set about to help provide these farms with deeper insights. These efforts resulted in the new Feed Management Diagnostic report.

Farms wishing to receive this report can sign-up with their Dairy Records Service Specialists during the monthly test. There is even the option to have the monthly report emailed directly to the farm nutritionist. The new report is included as part of the normal MUN testing option.

For more information please see July's Dairy One Improver Page:
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