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Hay and The 2015 New York State Fair   

By J
ulie Hansen , Jerry Cherney , Janet Fallon, Sally Flis and Nancy Weber
Following a wet summer in 2015 , 25 bales were entered in the 2015 State Fair Hay Contest.  H ay was entered from farms in Alton, Cazenovia, C entral Square, Fulton, LaFayette , Richfield Springs, and Tully.   Entries were in one of nine Conventional Hay C lasses or one of seven Organic Hay Classes. The same classes are available for entry at the 2016 NY State Fair. 
Hay Class
First Cut
Later Cuts
 Class 1 
 Class 3 
Alfalfa Acid Treated 
 Class 2 
 Class 4 
Alfalfa Grass Mix 
 Class 5 
 Class 6
 Class 7 
 Class 8 
 Class 9 
Organic Alfalfa 
 Class 101 
 Class 103 
Organic Alfalfa Grass Mix   Class105
 Class 106 
Organic Grass 
 Class 107 
 Class 108 
Organic Other 
 Class 109 
Hay is judged based on the physical characteristics ( 50 points: molding/odor, foreign material, maturity, leaf retention, co lor) and on forage lab analysis by the Dairy One Forage Lab, ( 50 points: dry matter, crude prot ein, fiber, fiber digestibility ) . Physical score averaged 40 points and the Chemical score averaged 39 (Figure 1) .  The grand and reserve champion bales for conventional and organic had a physical score average of 46 and a chemical score average of 41 (Figure 1) .  
In the conventional classes the Champion Hay was from John B. Adams of Alton, NY and the Reserve Champion Hay was from Dan Twentyman of Tully, NY. Dan Twentyman also exhibited the Champion and Reserve Champion Hay in the organic classes. Thanks to all who entered hay bales in this contest and congratulations to the winners.  We would like to thank the Dairy One Forage Lab for analyzing the hay samples and John Sinkovitz for assisting the judges and organizing the hay.  
Do you want to see how your hay stacks up? Entering the hay contest as a farmer, is a chance to show off all of your hard work to manage and put up high quality forages.  Likewise, if you're employed in agri -service and know of a farmer who puts up excellent forage year after year, encourage them to enter the Hay contest. ENTRY DEADLINE:  4:30 p.m. on July 29, 2016. The Exhibitor Fee is $10.00 and includes an analysis from the Dairy One Forage Lab. For entry forms and information visit: http://nysfair.ny.gov/competitions/how-to-enter/    
Here are a few things to keep in mind:  
  1. The hay crop must have been planted prior to 2016.
  2. An entry shall consist of one whole small bale of hay tied or a minimum of 25# maximum of 50# from a large bale in a plastic lined box.  Hay will become property of the Fair and will not be returned at completion of the Fair.
  3. Hay entries with moisture content above 25% will be disqualified.
  4. In judging the hay entries, a scorecard will be used to evaluate physical features which include: lack of mold/odor, freedom of foreign material, maturity, leaf retention, and color. Another 50 points will be based on forage quality analyses which will be determined by DairyOne Forage Lab.  The forage quality analyses will include dry matter (DM), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), crude protein (CP) and digestible neutral detergent fiber (NDFd).
Corn silage and haylage can also be entered in the contest.
Hope to see your feed at the NY State Fair!

Figure 1: Results of the Hay Judging Contest. Hay classes were 1=first cut alfalfa, 3=alfalfa later cuttings, 4=alfalfa later cuttings acid treated, 5=first cut alfalfa grass mixture, 6=later cut alfalfa grass mixture, 7=first cut grass, 8=later cut grass, 9=other, 107=Organic first cut grass, 108=Organic late cut grass, 109 = Organic Other.
Dairy One  
Measurement to Management Tour 2016
Once again, the entire Dairy One Team including the Forage Lab, Agro-One, Animal Health Diagnostics, Agricultural Management Resources, DHIA Field Testing, and Agricultural Consulting Services will be taking to the road. The 2016 Measurement to Management Tour (M2M) will bring you information on all the services we have available and how they could be used by you and/or your consulting team. We will be stopping at 3 different member farms to spend the morning touring the farm and showcasing areas we can help you measure and relate it to your management. In addition, each location will have a guest speaker in one of the management areas.

Tour Dates and Locations: 
Tuesday, August 2nd - AR Joy Farm - Cochranville, PA
Topic: Feed Management and Records
Guest Speaker: Virginia Ishler - Penn State University  - Using Feeding Records and Testing when Making Feeding Decisions
Wednesday, August 3rd - Black Creek Farm - Salem, NY.
Topic: Milk Quality
Guest Speaker: Dr. Mike Zurakowski - Quality Milk Production Services , Cornell University- Milk quality testing and culturing  
Thursday, August 4th - Manning Dairy - St. Albans, VT
Topic: Soil Health
Guest Speaker: Bob Burger - Woods End Lab, Maine - The Solvita Test and Field Testing for Soil Health

Schedule for each event: 
10 :00  - 10:15 AM ,
Introduction of Dairy One and Dairy One staff at the event

10:15 - 11:00 AM
Feeding Management and Records - Guest Speaker

11:00 - 12:00
, Dairy One Business Unit Presentations   
Noon-1:00pm,  Lunch and discussions  

1:30pm, A
To Register 
Pre-registration is encouraged. If you are interested in one of the M2M dates please call Dairy One at 800-344-2697 and press zero (0) for Jennifer Hamilton, our receptionist or email marketing@dairyone.com to reserve your spot.
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