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Sarah Fessenden 
Tech Support and Sales Specialist     

Hello,  I'm Sarah Fessenden, the new Technical Support and Sales Specialist for the Forage and Soils Labs. I grew up in King Ferry, NY on a 600 head Holstein farm and graduated from Cornell with a degree in animal science and a focus in dairy nutrition. During my time at school, I traveled to Germany and Italy with the Dairy Science club to learn about the European dairy industry. I greatly valued the opportunity to learn about the international dairy industry. One example of technologies that we can adopt in our area and share with our neighbors was Germany's extensive water recycling and reclamation to minimize their water waste. I spent a semester studying abroad in Italy and was exposed to different aspects of the Italian Dairy industry including cheese, salami, and Prosciutto production. I also worked on a 1,000 cow dairy farm and in a cooperative. I spent two summers interning, the first with Zoetis in the Northeast and the second, on two 4,500 cow organic dairies in New Mexico. And if that wasn't enough fun, I also helped beta test version CNCPS 6.5 for AMTS. Following graduation, I accepted a position as a dairy nutritionist with Purina Mills in Wisconsin. In this position, I worked with a number of producers in Northern Wisconsin focusing on lactating cows and young stock with herd sizes ranging from 32 to 1,200 cows. I participated in several benchmarking studies with calves examining different growth rates depending upon feeding levels of milk replacer or pasteurized milk. I learned about the food industry and cheese making in the "cheese head" state with a cheese company associated with our feed mill. My time in Wisconsin was a great opportunity to learn about the dairy industry outside of the Northeast and the cooperative system.

I am eager to begin my career with Dairy One and glad to be back in New York close to family. I enjoy playing piano, traveling, swimming, and playing board games. My family no longer milks cows, so to stay out of trouble, we have hobby farm with beef cows. We own a few Jersey cows in Western New York and are building a cheese company that makes Italian cheese using Jersey milk.
Rain, hail, and drought, oh my!

Following last year's dry summer, the Northeast has been getting more rain this year than we would like. As a result, planting and first cuttings have been delayed in many areas. The Midwest also saw a wet spring and both areas suffered some hail damage in June. Fortunately, with the growing season delayed the hail damage is less likely to cause significant yield drag come harvest. Click on this link for more information.

For those who haven't planted their fields yet, there are still options. Depending upon your feed needs, there are options for grain crops or shorter day corn. Click on the links for more information.



Producers in California's Central Valley are getting a much-needed break from their drought. For the first time in over a decade they are allowed their full allotment of groundwater from the Central Valley Project. Last year they were only allowed 5%, with most of that water going to growing fruits and vegetables for human consumption. With more water available, the California industry will see more alfalfa and corn grown for cows.

The rains from the tropical storms moving up the east coast have alleviated most of the dry areas from the Carolinas to Maine. Georgia continues to see some mild drought and dryness. The middle of the country is suffering the most drought, with most of Oklahoma abnormally dry to moderate drought. Eastern Montana and the Dakotas are suffering severe or extreme drought with some Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands opening for emergency grazing. The CRP program is available until September 30th unless conditions improve. Nebraska is experiencing an abnormally dry season as well. The high plains have also been experiencing a heat wave with record highs in the 100s (F).

Looking at plantings compared to last year per USDA, most major crops are down.

June 2016
(1,000 acres) 
June 2017
Corn for grain  94,004   89,996
Wheat  50,154  46,059
Soybeans  83,433   89,482

Soybean plantings, however, are up. in Wisconsin alone, it went up from 1.9 million acres to 2.2 million acres. Kentucky had record soybean planting while corn and tobacco plantings are down. Nebraska has been seeing an outbreak in Japanese beetles, stripping corn leaves to the veins and defoliation in soybeans.
Did you know?

Those familiar with CAFO requirements have had to track a lot of weather events. Instead of checking the weather every day and keeping track in your notebook or binder, did you know that Dairy One's Agricultural Management Resources (AMR) group sells and installs weather stations that automatically record weather? Dairy One offers a multitude of services to meet the needs of modern agriculture:
  • DHI testing - the foundation of Dairy One services. Professional DHIA Field Technicians provide flexible testing services, customized on-farm test day reports and can have web reports as well as test day files available for farm consultants after test day.
  • Animal Health Diagnostic lab - provides analytical services including tests for Johne's, Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD), and milk and blood pregnancy testing.
  • Agricultural Management Resources team (AMR) provides on farm hardware and software technology solutions. They install and support wired and wireless networks, camera systems, and a variety of software programs including Dairy comp 305, Scout, Feed Watch and Parlor Watch as well as PCDart and related products.
  • Agro-One Laboratory-offers analytical services for soils, water, plants, and other agricultural materials
  • Agricultural Consulting Services (ACS) provides independent, professional agronomy consulting, science-based decisions, technological innovation, and a staff dedicated to the success of their clients. They help farms to grow better crops and navigate complex and changing environmental regulations.
  • Equi-Analytical Labs - has a variety of packages available to best determine the nutrient content of forages and feeds for horse owners.
  • Finger Lakes Wine Laboratory- was created with the purpose of delivering timely analytical results for must and wine. The Wine Lab focuses on using the latest technology to deliver fast and accurate results. There are also services available for testing soils and plant tissue.
  • The Forage Lab- continues to grow and develop for the changing nutrition industry. Beyond Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) and Wet Chemistry packages, we have many advanced services available. Analytical services available for you to monitor performance and troubleshoot include: corn silage processing score, grain particle size, fecal starch, total fatty acids, mold and yeast, salmonella, e. coli, fermentation profile, and many more.
We are more than happy to help you work with our talented teams and find what best suits your needs!
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