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Fresh Corn Silage Quality
Sarah Fessenden, Forage Tech Support and Sales Specialist

Corn silage season is in full swing for New York. Looking at the samples so far, it is much what we expected for the Northeast. We are seeing higher fiber levels and lower energy. ADF and aNDF averaged 2.2% and 2.8% higher respectively for New York (Table 1). In Pennsylvania, we saw an even greater increase in fiber. ADF and aNDF averaged 3.4% and 5.1% higher respectively. Starch saw a decrease this year, averaged 2.4% for NY and 4.6% for PA. NDFD was less digestible, averaging 4.9% lower for NY and 8.5% for PA. Overall, PA seems to have more of a crop quality decrease compared to last year.

Coupling the lower quality corn silage values with the lower quality haylage reported in our October Newsletter, the 2017-2018 feeding season will require greater levels of energy supplementation.
Table 1. 2016 vs 2017 - Comparison of Fresh Corn Silage Samples Submitted Between 9/01-10/25

Did You Know?
Fall is the busy season for both corn silage samples and soil samples. Our soil lab, Agro-One, offers a variety of soil extraction methods to meet the demands of local land grant universities including Mehlich 3 (PA, NJ, MD, NH), Morgan (NY), and Modified Morgan (NY, VT).  Additionally, through an arrangement with Cornell University, New York customers can receive Cornell generated recommendations.  Decades of research has gone into developing these state specific recommendations and we are proud to partner with Cornell to make them available to New York producers. If you would like to send in a sample, call or email us today, and we'll send you a test kit. Agro-One's newsletter is getting a facelift and will be published tri-annually. Go to this link to sign up for the Agro-One newsletter in time for the fall edition.
Meet the Millennials!
Paul Sirois, MS, PAS - Lab Manager
Yes, they catch their share of grief from the media, Boomers and X-ers alike, but the Millennials are our future. Meet the twenty-somethings (or core Millennials) from the Forage Lab. Playing against stereotype, they aren't in it for participation trophies, they're in it to win it! They're bright, enthusiastic and eager to learn. All are positioning themselves for leadership roles in the future. It's up to us as we slowly begin to transition out of the workforce to provide them with the tools and opportunities to succeed. Given that, our future is in great hands!
Listed below and pictured above with name, education, position and main responsibilities.
Back row, Left to Right:
Erin Neno: AS General Studies; Special Services Technician; TFA, fat-ether extraction, fat-acid hydrolysis, VFA, Starch, WSC, ESC, ash, urea, pH.
Annelise Bay: BS Biology; Minerals Technician; chlorides, mineral prep, ICP operator, water analyses.
Savannah Dittmeyer: AAS Chemical Technology, AS in Mathematics & Science; Fiber Technician; ADF, NDF, lignin, CF, in vitro analyses. Bonus - she began her career in the Soils Lab and is an ICP operator.
Kaethe Leonard: BS Biochemistry; Asst. NIR Network Administrator; leads daily NIR production, learning calibration development and NIR Network management.
Front row, Left to Right
Valerie Dalton: BS Biomolecular Science, BS Chemistry; Assoc. NIR Network Administrator; lead contact for new NIR Affiliate Labs, NIR Network management and support, NIR calibration development and support.
Megan Wheeler: BT Agricultural Business; Customer Support; phone support, data entry and manages our Equi-analytical service. Bonus - she began her career as a Minerals Technician.
Sarah Fessenden: BS Animal Science, PAS; Sales and Tech Support Specialist; sells and promotes Forage/Soil analyses in person, at conferences and through social media. Assists customers with technical questions and utilizing their forage analyses. Participates in the development and roll out of new services.
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