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Whiteland, IN Farmer Selected for Indy 500 Tradition

This dairy farmer will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to hand the winner of the Indy 500 a ice-cold bottle of milk. Read the full story.
Fruit Facts

Muscadine Grapes

The plant could be injured by minimum winter temperatures of 0 degrees F.

Summer heat and humidity is needed to produce large grapes with lots of sugar.

A mature vine can produce 20 lbs or more of fruit.

They are harvested in late May to early June.
These grapes are high in vitamin C.
Georgia is the largest producing state in the nation.
Muscadine Grapes are used in wine, jelly, preserves, barbecue sauce and as a nutritional supplement.
USDA Establishes New Partnership for Farmers and FSA

The U.S. Department Agriculture announced cooperative agreements with 55 partners to educate farmers and other producers that have been under served by USDA programs historically about Farm Service Agency programs that provide financial, disaster or technical support. 
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