Sheds of Hope News
October 23, 2019
Mission to North America
Disaster Response
Sunday Night Storms Test Our Readiness
Tornado Hits Homes, Churches
In the midst of shock and sorrow, God's people are mobilizing. How exciting it is to see families and churches outside the disaster area responding to help those who have lost everything. God is on the move through his people! (Thank you, Nancy, for this photo, helping us tell the story from inside the disaster area.)
Dallas Team Ready to Go
Michael Denton and I met at the Dallas Depot the morning after the storm to prepare supplies and generators for delivery to families. We are better prepared than we have been in the past, and we appreciate all that has been done to make this possible.
Bricks vs. Bobcat - No Contest!
"Oh my goodness - thank you! Michael Denton, John Browne, and the Bobcat did in an hour what would have taken us two days! So very grateful! God used these guys in a mighty way today. Thank you!" (received this from Claire, whose brick wall collapsed during tornado, blocking the neighborhood alley).
Praise and Prayer
• That no lives were lost during the 9 Tornados in North Texas Sunday night.
• For the tremendous response from volunteers so far
• For Betsy joining me in Sheds of Hope work as of September 16th

• For churches and volunteers as we respond to Dallas area tornados
• Pray for families who have lost their home
• Pray for God's people to take every opportunity to show mercy and grace in the midst of this disaster