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June  2018
"The fact that board members can influence achievement, 
even loosely, merits much more attention - surely by scholars but also by voters, 
parents, taxpayers, and other policy-makers."  
- Improving School Board Effectiveness 
End of One Chapter, Beginning of Another

The last board meeting of the 2017-2018 school year happened last night - June 22nd, 2018. Preceding the regularly scheduled agenda, Justin Henry was sworn into office to begin his service as Trustee Henry. In his remarks, he shared gratitude for both his supporters as well as for the trustees that once sat in his seat. He thanked Bernadette Nutall for volunteering nine years of her life to serve as trustee for District 9. Members of the board and public speakers recognized and thanked Ms. Nutall for her service as well.

As Dallas ISD transitions to new school board leadership, we look forward to partnering with you to advocate for the students represented under our trustees' guidance. 

Congratulations to Our Dallas ISD Graduates!

We would like to congratulate all high school seniors who graduated this year and offer a special shout-out to the only seniors in our partner fellowship program, CAMP, who were salutatorians of their graduating classes. We are proud of our leaders - Kiara from Lincoln High School and Elia from Thomas Jefferson High School!

Vote Tracker
June 7 Board Briefing: 
  • Report on Student Outcome Goals 1 and 3 as is seen with End of Course Exams data.
  • School Health Advisory Council presented goals and recommendations for 2018-2019.
  • 2018-2019 will be a planning year for two new programs. Cedar Valley College will partner with Skyline HS and a new program at Northlake College will replicate Trini Garza.
  • Budget proposal for 2018-2019.
  • Briefing Summary Here

June 21 Board Meeting:

Passed Unanimously on Consent Agenda - 

  • 2.01 Election of Officers: Trustee Flores elected as Board President
  • 6.02 Approval of Racial, Socio-Economic, and Educational Equity policy
  • 6.10 Approval of Basic Instructional Program Requirements, including offering of Pre-Ap and AP courses for students
  • 6.11 Approval of amendment to Special Education Video/Audio Monitoring
  • 6.12 Approval of amendment to include Cyberbullying protections in Student Welfare Freedom From Bullying policy
  • 6.17-6.21 Approval of agreements between DISD, Dallas County Community College, and various industry partners for 5 PTECH high schools 
  • 6.22 Approval of partnership agreement with Texas Tech for Personalized Learning Graduate Coursework for DISD teachers
  • 6.36 Approval of agreement with Dallas Urban Debate Alliance to implement competitive policy debate program
  • 7.02 Approval of agreement with UNT Dallas for STEM Leadership Cohort Program for DISD educators
Pulled For Separate Vote - 
  • 7.03 Approval for agreements with vendors who provide Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy for district (pulled by Trustee Foreman and Trustee Nutall; passed unanimously)
  • 7.10 Approval of 2018-2019 Compensation Modifications Contingent on Voter Approval of Tax Rate Election (pulled by Trustees Foreman, Blackburn, and Pinkerton; failed 8/1 with Trustee Foreman voting yes)
  • 7.14 Adopt 2018-2019 Fiscal Year Budget (pulled by Trustees Pinkerton and Foreman; passes 7/2 with Trustees Blackburn and Foreman voting no)
  • View all individual votes on the DKF Vote Tracker.
Interested in past board meeting votes? Access all DKF Vote Trackers on our site!

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Have a great summer and stay tuned for the Annual Summary!

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