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July  2018
"The fact that board members can influence achievement, 
even loosely, merits much more attention - surely by scholars but also by voters, 
parents, taxpayers, and other policy-makers."  
- Improving School Board Effectiveness 

Annual Summary: Governance Focused on Kids

How did the board move the needle for students this past year? 

Dallas Kids First believes in the connection between strong school board governance and improved student achievement. Over the past year, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees implemented Lone Star Governance, a school board training initiated by Texas Education Agency, which provides continuous improvement for governing teams that choose to intensively focus on one primary objective - improving student outcomes.

"The underlying belief is that leadership matters' that leaders' choices have the power to be transformative in the lives of our students." - TEA

Under the guidance of Lone Star Governance training, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees set and monitored the following student outcome goals over the last year:
  1. Student achievement on state assessments in all subjects at Approaches or above will increase from 66 percent to 75 percent by 2022.
  2. Student achievement on the third-grade state assessment in reading at Approaches or above will increase from 62 percent to 75 percent by 2022.
  3. Student achievement on state assessments in two or more subjects at Meets or above will increase from 34 percent to 40 percent by 2022.
  4. Student participation in extracurricular or co-curricular activities will increase from 59 percent to 65 percent by 2022.
Thank you to each member of the Board for their focus and dedication to these goals.  

Help Build the 2018-2019 CAMP Fellowship!

Dallas Kids First is proud to partner with CAMP (Campaign Activity and Management Program), a fellowship that focuses on training Dallas leaders committed to a better future for Dallas students and equipping participants with the necessary skills to support elected officials and candidates seeking office. 

Learn more about the CAMP Fellowship by visiting

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Applications are due September 8, 2018 by 11:59 PM If you have any questions regarding the fellowship, please email  

Stay up to date with the Dallas ISD School Board!

Scheduled Board Meetings

Board meetings for the 2018-2019 year begin on August 9. Stay up to date with events that support the students in our district by visiting our Events Page

If you are unable to attend, DKF publishes a summary of the Board Briefings as part of our  blog series , and the DISD Vote Tracker is updated after each monthly Board Meeting.

Special Called Meeting: TRE

There will likely be a special called meeting of the Board to discuss and vote on a Tax Ratification Election for the November ballot.  A possible TRE has been discussed the last two years but did not have the six votes needed to move forward. A helpful FAQ can be found on the Strong Schools Strong Dallas website. As members of SSSD Coalition, Dallas Kids First is in support of increasing local funding of our District.

Interested in joining DKF and 20+ other organizations in support of this issue? Email us and we will coordinate with you. 

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