Dallas Kids First candidate endorsement
for the May 4, 2019 Dallas ISD School Board election:

We encourage Dallas ISD voters to prioritize education at the ballot and elect strong leaders who are tasked with approving a $1.8 billion budget for the present and future of 157,000 kids. School Board leadership matters and it is unacceptable that just 7% of registered voters head to polls in support of kids by casting a ballot for these critical elections.

With no incumbent filing to run, one-third of the Board will be new to elected leadership. The “learning curve is big for everyone” as one candidate reflectively shared with the Dallas Kids First community panel, but the 157,000 kids in Dallas ISD classrooms today do not have the benefit of waiting for adults to focus on achievement & opportunity - hence an endorsement for individuals who bring depth of knowledge and experience working alongside community members with a focus of improving education.

With consideration to the research of the Lone Star Governance framework, provided through Texas Education Agency, Dallas Kids First brought a panel of students, teachers, parents, residents, and community leaders to meet 6 of the 9 candidates across Districts 4, 5, and 7. The panelists evaluated the discussion with a focus on: leadership experience, urgency, education knowledge, understanding of trustee role, community partnership, and of course - kids-first mindset. A kids-first mindset means budgetary decisions, policy-setting, and school evaluation is prioritized through the impact it will have for kids’ achievement & opportunity.

The core of advocacy by Dallas Kids First is that school board leaders must make tough decisions with a focus on kids - especially as it relates to having high expectations for all involved in education, empowering & holding leaders accountable across all schools, and making outstanding teachers accessible to every kid in the District.

For District 4 , Dallas Kids First endorses Karla Garcia .

Karla Garcia would bring a perspective that is missing from the board - she is a recent Dallas ISD alum who has chosen a career focused on making college accessible to students. In reference to her own success personally & professionally, Garcia noted “My story shouldn't be the exception, it should be the expectation. Student outcomes are my north star - we must be intentional about where we are and where we are going.” A DISD parent on the panel noted, “I like the fact that she comes from a first generation of speaking English and she knows the struggle.” Garcia is grounded in the broad challenges faced by students in Dallas ISD and communicated her preparedness for this addressing them head on. Dallas Kids First is proud to endorse Karla Garcia for school board leadership. Karla Garcia's campaign website

For District 5 , Dallas Kids First endorses Maxie Johnson .

Maxie Johnson has deep roots in Dallas ISD. He is a Dallas ISD alum, has had children in the District, and continues to support kids via the South Oak Cliff Parent Coalition. His leadership as Pastor in West Dallas expands his perspective across another important community within District 5. One former Dallas ISD parent and West Dallas community leader noted that Johnson has “countless examples of community engagement and building partnerships.” A response in the Dallas Kids FIrst public survey noted, “Johnson has the vision, the passion, and proven record to unify DISD communities and support All students in DISD. In particular, he has the heartbeat of the community in which he will be elected to serve.” Dallas Kids First is proud to endorse Maxie Johnson for Dallas ISD school board leadership. Maxie Johnson's campaign website

For District 7 , Dallas Kids First endorses Ben Mackey .

Ben Mackey brings a uniquely talented perspective and was recently named one of twenty-two Master Principals in Dallas ISD’s 220 schools. His former leadership at Townview’s Talented and Gifted Magnet had great success, and his focus to increase access and diversify the demographics of the student population coincided with an all-time high for student achievement. One DISD teacher on the panel shared that “the candidate is very authentic in his beliefs that drive a student-focused vision and plan.” Another panelist noted his “ educational history in the classroom and as a principal demonstrates an understanding of priorities and goals met I would like to see for the District.” Dallas Kids First is proud to endorse Ben Mackey for Dallas ISD school board leadership .

With the election just two months away, Dallas Kids First is calling on Dallas ISD constituents to support our voter outreach voters.

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Learn more about the DKF endorsement proces s, the participation of one our community panelists and each candidate's scorecard along with their questionnaire responses are available on the Dallas Kids First 2019 election page.

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