April 2021
Economic Development Newsletter
Dalton Innovation Accelerator (DIA) Offers Resources to Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Have you downloaded the Dalton Innovation Accelerator toolkit? It's available in English & Spanish on their website under resources.

Thinking about starting a business in Dalton? Schedule a FREE consultation today by messaging us or calling Lauren Holverson at 706-508-3242. 

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Just-In-Time Premiere
"It’s been a tough year for all of us. We are extremely GRATEFUL to live in a strong community of Daltonians. There’s just something truly special about this place. It’s the people. We are as tough as they come! So we made a short film to capture the essence of Dalton and our people. We hope it inspires you! Better days ahead! We’re proud to call Dalton home! We couldn’t be more excited about the future!"

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Relief For Rental and Utilities
Assistance is available to those who need help paying rent and utilities.

Click here to learn about the program and apply.
Northwest Georgia Regional Vanpool Study
The purpose of this Northwest Georgia Regional Vanpool Study is to determine the feasibility of a Vanpool program linking commuters from similar origins to similar destinations throughout the 15-county region. 

This study benefits three major groups: residents who live and work in Northwest Georgia, zero car households seeking employment opportunities in the region, and major employers in the region. 
Input received from the surveys and other outreach efforts will be used to determine how a vanpool program in Northwest Georgia could operate and best serve the residents of the region.

Your feedback is vital to this study’s success! 
If you would like to participate, please visit the website, www.ruralga.org.Links are provided for employers and employees and are available in English and Spanish.
Latest Economic Indicators for Whitfield County
Great Resources
Board of Directors

Kevin Harris, Chairman
Bill Davies, Vice Chair
Frank Robertson, Secretary
David Jolly
Bob Kinard
Juan Carlos Ramirez
David Renz   
Carl Campbell, Executive Director
Ali Harp, Project Manager
Anna Kate Sisson, Intern

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