After a recent inspection of Horseshoe Lake, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has concerns about the structural integrity of the dam. It is a Class I dam, which means it is critically important to insure that it is sound and operable since a breach could result in property damage and significant risks to resident safety. 

ODNR has directed the City to lower the water level in the lake by three feet. On June 19, the City opened a valve to begin lowering the water level.

As the water drains, you will notice that mud flats develop along the edges of the lake. Do not walk on or play near these mud flats. They are dangerous and you will sink into the mud, which could require a rescue operation.

After the lake is lowered, a portion of the masonry spillway will be removed to safely control the water elevation during rain events. While this work takes place, the concrete sidewalk over the spillway will be closed to pedestrian traffic. This means you will be unable to complete a loop around the lake using the path.
The City has consulted with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) about the effects of lowering the lake elevation on wildlife. Since there are deep pools in the lake, there should be minimal impact to the turtles and fish.
NEORSD is currently designing a long term solution to the structural deficiencies of the Horseshoe Lake Dam. Until the construction project is completed, the lake elevation has to be kept three feet below normal level.

We anticipate that the total project duration will be two years.

If you have questions, please call Public Works at 216-491-1490.