December 2015
We are well into the holiday season and a lot is happening here at NETCO. We're busy with coastal construction work and, at the office, we're celebrating with one team member who has become a grandfather for the first time. Congratulations to Tom!
In this issue we report on a completed project in Nantucket and an ongoing project in North Attleboro, MA which we will complete in the spring.
We wish the very best to you and your families during this holiday season and in the upcoming year,
Dave Lager and the NETCO Team
Dam Repair by NETCO
Recent Project
St. Mark's Dam Repair: North Attleboro, MA
A current NETCO project is the St. Mark's Dam Repair Project in North Attleboro, MA. The dam is owned by the Town of North Attleboro, and is adjacent to St. Mark's Church. Built in the 1950's, the dam no longer meets current dam safety engineering standards primarily due to extensive, overgrown vegetation.

The project involves rebuilding the dam embankment which includes the removal of 125 trees and associated dense vegetation, and removal of the root systems which have grown into the embankment.

Recent NETCO Project  
Recent project
NETCO Private Property Project: Nantucket
NETCO recently completed a coastal construction project in Nantucket.  The work included the installation of a sand drift fence, coastal bank/beach re-nourishment, and beach grass vegetation. 
The NETCO Team installed 800 linear feet of heavy duty fencing and over 6,000 yards of sand.  In the spring, the re-nourished area will be planted with beach grass to help stabilize the sand and provide an important future nesting area for coastal birds.

Beach Notes
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  • Rock gabion construction (wire & HDPE gabions)
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