Damien High School is finding innovative ways to adapt and connect with our alumni community. Our staff has identified that we are unable to communicate with some of our alumni due to outdated contact information. Educators and staff want to reconnect with former students to share our goals, programs, and schedule of events. We would also love to learn about their progress!

Damien facilitators are in the process of updating Damien Alumni contact information. Your assistance is requested in locating Spartan Brothers not currently in our database. 

Alumni, if you know of any Spartan Brother that has relocated and/or has not notified their Alma Mater of these changes, please complete the ‘WHERE’S SPARTAN’ form http://weblink.donorperfect.com/WheresSpartan, or email reigel@damien-hs.edu. You will be asked to provide the Spartan’s name, email, and graduation year. Upon receipt, an email will be forwarded to the Spartan Brother. Once he completes the Alumni contact information form, communication with Damien will begin. If you would prefer to send the link directly to your Spartan Brother use link, https://www.damien-hs.edu/apps/pages/alumniupdatecontactform.

Damien welcomes all alumni to visit the campus! You will discover interesting new innovations along with the classic icon such as the famous senior quad. Contact the Advancement Office to schedule a tour at (909) 596-1946 X277. Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines will be followed during your visit.


KIM REIGEL 909.596.1946 X 277 | reigel@damien-hs.edu