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Damnation (ex-Thy Catafalque) released their debut 'Majesty In Degradation' via Pest Records
Hungarian Death Metal quintet DAMNATION‘s just released their debut album "Majesty In Degradation" via Pest Records and is available for streaming and order at this location

Established in Makó, Hungary by ex-Thy Catafalque guitarist János Juhász in 2020, DAMNATION soon evolved into a full line-up formation featuring experienced musicians from the Hungarian underground:

János Juhász – ex. Thy Catafalque, Gort (Guitarist / Songwriter)
Árpád Szenti – Ahriman, Athame, Evil’s Tears, Mörbid Carnage, Sentio Ergo Sum (Drums)
Péter Gáspár – Gort (Bass)
Ádám Forczek – Needless (Lyrics / Vocals)
Tamás Bárány – Needless (Lead guitars / Solos)

Supported by:
Zoltán Kónya – Gire, Gort (Recording / Mixing / Mastering)
István Verebes – Shiva (Logo)



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