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Manage Airflow for Comfort and Costs

Comfortable Conditions & Productivity

High ceilings with large open spaces, large exterior doors that create an opportunity for exposure to weather conditions, and energy costs to maintain large buildings are all factors in determining the best solutions for ventilation and air movement within the varied spaces. 

Keep Employees Comfortable

United Enertech dampers are designed to keep working environments comfortable for employees so they can stay productive and also to regulate the temperature to maintain product quality. 

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Product Features


Opposed Blade, Extruded Aluminum Control Damper

  • Max Velocity: 2,600 FPM
  • Max Pressure: 3" W.G.
  • Leakage Rating: Class 1A
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Round Control Damper with Variation Compatible Components


Bowden Cable Drive System

  • Model BO-RI was developed for air balancing at the mid/duct above inaccessible ceilings with Mechanical Push-Pull adjustments at a terminal controller.
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Round Control Damper with Flanged Style Frame

  • Designed to control airflow and provide shut off in HVAC or industrial process control systems.
  • Optional features make Model RI-F extremely versatile, allowing its capabilities to be tailored to the application.
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VAV Round Options

  • Model RI-FL is a damper that has the flexibility to mount various actuators and controls.
  • Comes standard with a built in cross-flow sensor with a cylinder for multi-point pick up averaging.
  • The terminal also includes a gasket for low leakage air control and a 1/2" solid aluminum shaft.
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Webinar Recording

Applications for Data Centers and Distribution Centers

This United Enertech webinar discusses the unique building characteristics of Data Centers and Distribution Centers when addressing ventilation, air movement, indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity control, and heating and cooling.

Learn more about the CD-100 control damper and other products for data and distribution center applications.

To see this webinar recording and others, visit the resources page on our website.

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