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Jan 29-31, 2019
San Diego, CA USA
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Productronica 2019
Nov 12-15, 2019
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Working for Brighter White LED products!

We are constantly asked to develop brighter LED white solder mask products. Many lighting OEMs will sit down with us and tell us to just keep making it higher reflectance. We always ask how high of a reflectance is desired and they constantly tell us "higher". Over the past several months we had an OEM actually tell us that they want 95% reflectance. It is always nice to get a specific number, but 95%, that's nearly impossible, we thought.

Old Method: PSR-4000 LEW1 (US) + S-500 LEW77 top layer  to achieve 95% reflectance
New Method: Single coating of new PSR-4000 LEW product  that also achieves 95% reflectance

So we initially told them about the double coat method where you first lay down a layer of white LED solder mask using one of our LPI solder masks like PSR-4000 LEW1 (US) and then afterwards a thermal coat of S-500 LEW77 is added to achieve the 95% reflectance. However, this process is very costly and time consuming. So, this OEM really challenged our chemist at Taiyo America to make a single coat LPI white solder mask with a 95% reflectance. Our chemist worked with many outside resources to finally reach a formulation to achieve these tough requirements. We are still in the final phase of testing and should have this new LPI white solder mask to the market soon, so stay tuned!

Crack Resistant bright white LEDs for Automotive!

As I have mentioned in past newsletters, we developed and introduced to the marketplace a new crack resistance White LED solder mask, PSR-4000 CR01MW. This is a product with phenomenal crack resistant properties as well as high reflectance and color stability. Similar to the double coat process above, most PCB manufacturers were forced to provide a double coat process to achieve these tough automotive requirements of non-cracking and high reflectance. In most cases the PCB manufacturer would first coat the PCB with a green crack resistant solder mask followed with a white LED solder mask on top. Once again, this is a costly and time consuming method. With the development of PSR-4000 CR01MW we have been able to reduce the cost and time to coat high-end automotive LED panels.

Old Method: Green crack resistance layer + white PSR-4000 CR01MW
New Method: Single coating of PSR-4000 CR01MW reflective layer
As the automotive industry and lighting industry requirements continue to get tougher and tougher, Taiyo continues to develop products that reduce your processing time and cost with high quality products. These new products offer significant cost advantages to the PCB maker while meeting all of the OEM final requirements. So for more information on the latest developments of these LED white solder mask, as well as our white, flexible LED solder mask PSR-9000 FLX05W, please contact Taiyo America.

We hope you stopped by for a visit at JPCA at Tokyo's Big Site, and hope to see you at the summer EIPC Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany!
John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing


Netvia turns to Taiyo America's PSR-4000 BW01DI solder mask 
for fast exposure, consistency and reliability

PSR-4000 BW01DI at 125 mJ

With increasing customer demands for finer traces and increased functionality of electronic devices, PCB manufacturers need high-performing products and tools that will help deliver results with reduced cost and implementation time.  More...

Sang Lam
Technical Service Engineer

It's Showtime!

June is an active time for everyone (notice how I didn't use the word "busy").  It's getting to be summer and the kids are getting out of school.  Not to mention you're probably getting ready for a well-deserved summer vacation.  Whether you're driving or flying, maybe taking a train, traveling can always be somewhat stressful.  You have to plan, organize, schedule and save.  When the time comes for your trip you need to pack, load the car (assuming you're driving) or get a ride to the airport or train station. 
My June will be active as well, but in a slightly different way.  
Continue reading...

Don Monn
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Talking with Dan Spencer, Director of Operations, SAE Circuits

I recently had occasion to sit down and talk with Dan Spencer of SAE Circuits in Colorado, one of the longest running shops in the U.S. Truth be known Dan and I are old friends having fought the good fight at a number of PCB shops over the past 20-years, so it was good to get together with him again.
Please note what he has to say about the excellent engineering support he gets from Taiyo as this is the exact reason why they are the number one solder mask company in North America.

For more information about SAE Circuits go to:  www.saecircuits.com 

Taiyo's upcoming events:

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