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Very sad news to announce. Lori Palfrey's older sister passed away suddenly. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Lori, husband Lee, and the family. Contact Jane for address to send condolences.
Tea Time Thursday, Sept 12th at 6PM
at IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden
Also on the Agenda
Upcoming events for the next two months

Trump Rally 9/9 for Dan Bishop NC 9 Congress. (Hope you are able to help out!)

Our visit to West Henderson High School Monday 9/9 to deliver U.S.Constitutions to students donated by our favorite Congressman, Mark Meadows

Update on SB 250:
Scrubbing illegals off the voter rolls. (Saga!)

Gun Bills. The Left wants 'em. They're not gonna get 'em!

We are also signing Thank You notes. Find out to whom and why! Thank you, Freedomworks!

Special Guests: The Dan Forest Campaign Team with Michelle Woodhouse. Dan Forest, our Lt Governor currently running for Governor, is joining our all star team of speakers at the 2020 Victory Dinner on Saturday, Oct 12th. (Hope to see you there!)

Come find out how CCNC and ATPAC are supporting the effort to propel Dan and our candidates to victory and how you can support the effort too.

Giving Away 2 Free Tickets to the Salt and Light Conference for Sept 21, 2019. Incredible line up of speakers. See here for details. Come to Tea Time for tickets.
Raleigh News

Senator Chuck Edwards (R-48) Newsletter with the Latest From Raleigh here. The budget, economy, tax refund, and Cooper's vetoed bill that would require law enforcement to cooperate with ICE.   H370 -  Require Cooperation with ICE Detainers. (This is one more reason to send Cooper packing!)


Washington Free Beacon: Soros Spends Nearly $9 Million Lobbying, Now Targets Guns. Why hasn't this guy been banned from the U.S. like he is in other countries! He's a Nazi.

Gun Owners of America: House Committee To Take Up Gun Control Bill. Will the GOP Compromise? Take Action Please!

Since Wal Mart no longer respects its customers inalienable right to bear arms, please find somewhere else to shop. They don't deserve your business. Then ...

On Facebook: Post your Favorite Gun Store, City and State and share it with friends. Don't forget to buy your gun supplies there often. See link here.

More Deep State Cover Ups

The Good News The Fake News Won't Tell You


will do the honors of introductions.

Meet our great judges and candidates while helping CCNC propel them to Victory 2020!


Great Food, Drinks and Some of the Biggest Names in NC Politics!

2020 Victory Dinner Live Music
by Sh Boom!

Enjoy the patriotic music and 50s medleys!
Jay Delancy of Voter Integrity Project i s a vital source of information for election integrity in North Carolina. Please check out the website often and support the invaluable work he and his crew do for us!

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association Watchdog. Great articles from a reliable news source. Please subscribe and check them out!
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Winner to be drawn at the October 12th 2020 Victory Dinner to support our conservative candidates and judges! . Need not be present to win.

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2020 Is Coming!

AR-15 Raffle. Ticket $10.

2020 Trump Keep America Great Hats. $15 & $20

We The People Tees and Hats. $10 here.