Finding a job can be hard.
It is even harder when you are out of work already, and when you're a single dad of a special needs child.
Dan turned to Christian HELP in June. He was a radio frequency specialist but had already been out of work for over three months. He was seriously discouraged. Dan had never had a problem finding work before, so this stretch was especially challenging.
"This is one of the hardest things I've ever been through. I've always had a job and been willing to work."
He needed encouragement. Enter Phil.
Phil was assigned to be Dan's career coach. Together, they worked on Dan's resume and elevator pitch. Dan was also struggling to find opportunities, so Phil patiently helped him learn how to network and to look for a job.
The process took several months and was at times frustrating. Phil advised, equipped and most of all, kept Dan encouraged. Money was getting tighter and Dan was becoming more anxious as to how he would care for his son and give him a Christmas this year.
Then this month, Dan accepted an engineering contract with a major cell phone carrier! It paid well and guaranteed him
40 hours a week.
Dan was ecstatic.
"I've been worried for so long about how I'd care for my son. Now, I have hope that I can do that and put some presents under the tree. God is good! Thank you, Christian HELP!"
Dan gives us the credit, but that really belongs to you. Your generous support is what makes stories like Dan's possible.
This year we are aiming to create so many more stories like Dan's. Stories that end in hope for the future, empowering local families, and smiles on the faces of children at Christmas.
Our goal is to raise $100,000 in the Season of Giving to spread some holiday cheer that carries over well into the new year.
Every dollar really does make a difference.
Let's create more stories like Dan's.
Thank you for partnering with us.
That's right, Giving Tuesday is right around the corner!
Did you know that in 2022 Christian HELP will enter our 30th year of preventing homelessness by empowering family independence?
That's right, with your support we've been equipping for work, providing food, giving resources, and offering hope to central Floridians for three decades!
Help us celebrate Giving Tuesday on November 30th
by making a $30 donation as we get ready to celebrate our 30th anniversary next year!
What better way to kick off the anniversary celebration?
It is time to start making your year-end tax preparations.

Here's this week's tip on how you can get yourself tax-ready.

Doubling your charitable giving now may save you on taxes.

Recent tax law changes could mean additional benefits for you. Consider doubling up on your charitable giving this year and itemizing your deductions. Next year, take the standard deduction and forego any charitable giving. Over the two-year period, you may make significant tax savings.

As always, please check with your tax expert or financial advisor for help with your planning.
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