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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Dana Point Boaters - Doing Our Part to Flatten the Curve
Boaters by nature - almost by definition - are adventurous. We are risk takers. We are proudly non-conformist, often bordering on rebellious. We stretch for the horizons, leaving the norms of society behind us. We're boaters. So, it should be no surprise on a recent sunny day to see so many of us gathering on our boats with friends, collecting in groups on the docks, despite orders to stay home. Social distancing!? We don't need no social distancing. Thing is, it's the rule of the land, at least for now. Which is why our harbor has been among the spaces featured in the media where the emergency orders for social distancing are being ignored
Let's play out two scenarios:
  1. The scientists and public health experts are correct.  We all do our part to practice physical and social distancing, we leave our homes only for essential work and errands. We don't congregate in groups in our harbor. We contribute to mitigating the spread of the virus and shortening the duration of the federal and state emergency orders. We return to normal as soon as possible.
  2. The scientists and public health experts are overreacting . We continue to meet with friends in the harbor. We gather in groups on our boats. We raft-up our dinghies in the basin, sharing food and drink. Dana Point Harbor continues to be observed on social and news media as a community of violators. State and County authorities react by further restricting access to public areas, including our harbor,  perhaps even to our boats . And for at least as long as the scenario above.
Which do you prefer? We must acknowledge that those of us with boats in our harbor voluntarily keep them in a public facility, owned by the County of Orange, operated by Dana Point Harbor Partners. Like it or not, they absolutely have the authority to restrict access to our boats, especially under the declared federal and state emergencies. Just yesterday, the OC Board of Supervisors authorized the closure of county beach parking lots, in addition to the previous closures of some county parks. If our Dana Point Harbor community doesn't do our part to demonstrate compliance with state and local orders, we could be next.

For now, continue to patronize our local restaurants' curbside service. Visit your boats to check your shore power, bilges and dock lines. If you choose to spend time relaxing on your boat, do so with only the same people you are already huddling with at home. Practice social distancing. Let's do our part of flatten the curve and hope we can return to normal life soon.

Be smart. Be safe. Take care.

Thank you for your support.

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