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Preschool Dance
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Performance  Tee
This year's theme is  
" Jump for Joy"
We will be using songs with "Joy" in the title or within the song lyrics.  Each student will need the new 2018-19 Tee.  We will wear these at all community events as well as for the finale in the ShowCase.
Additional Info
All students should be in the appropriate dance uniform for each class and/or rehearsal.  All items should be labeled with child's initials on the bottom of tap shoes, the inside instep of the ballet slipper and in the tag of clothing items.  Do not use a permanent marker on the inside sidewall of the shoe.  
Students in Tap/Jazz Tech must have floor length solid black jazz pants. Black capris are optional. Students need a solid color fitted tank/cami for tap/jazz class.
Students in Hip Hop may wear any stretch capris or pants; NO shorts or denim.  A tank or tee that fits; NO oversized tops. Sneakers are required. 
All students need to have hair pulled all up and securely pinned away from face for all classes.  Ballet 3, 4, and 5 MUST wear a bun for ballet classes .  
Consignment corner: Sell your used  shoes!
  We will sell your used shoes and dancewear in good condition.  Place the item in a ziploc bag (one pair shoes per bag) labeled with your child's name and the size of the shoes as well as the price you are asking.  One half of retail is a recommended price for shoes in excellent condition  Bring them by the studio by July 1.  Sellers will keep 80% of the sale price, 20% will go to SIM's improvement fund. Let's upcyclce and save!


Order by Aug 20 for delivery by orientation!

Order from:
All SIM students will need to purchase the Dance Class Uniform.  Uniforms for each level are detailed below.  You can reach our online store from our website, . You can also go straight to the store from your browser: 

All shoes are medium width; half sizes available, except in acro.  See product descriptions for available sizes and fittings. Each item below is linked to the appropriate catalog page in the store. Order only the items needed; if shoes still fit and match the dress code, no need to purchase new ones!
A best guess on sizes is appropriate.  We can exchange once for size on shoes and dancewear. 
Preschool Dance
white buckle tap shoes            $21.00
pink skirted leotard                  $20.00 
pink footed tights (order 2 pair)     $14.00
2018-19 performance tee       $15.00
Dance 1 and Dance 2
pink Capezio ballet slippers       $21.00 
tan buckle tap shoes                  $21.00
lilac short sleeve leotard            $20.00
pink footed tights (order 2 pair)       $14.00
2018-19 performance tee          $15.00
Tap/Jazz Tech
black slip on taps        $46.00
black slip on jazz          $38.00
tan slip on jazz             $38.00
tan tights    (order 2 pair)       $16.00
black jazz pants           $22.00
plum cami leotard        $20.00*
black STAR cami         $10.00*
black cami leotard       $20.00*
black dance shorts      $12.00*
purple dance skort       $20.00*  
hair bow purple            $8.00*
*convention supplies
Ballet 3
pink split sole ballets   $20.00   
navy tank leotard          $20.00
nude leo                       $20.00       
pink tights (order 2 pair)    $16.00
performance tee          $15.00
Ballet 4
pink canvas ballets     $16.00  
burgundy leotard         $20.00
nude leo                       $20.00       
pink tights  (order 2 pair)    $16.00
performance tee           $15.00
Ballet 5
pink canvas ballets      $16.00  
teal cami leotard         $20.00
nude leo                       $20.00       
pink tights  (order 2 pair)    $16.00
performance tee          $15.00
black biketard                   $26.00  
acro shoes                        $16.00
performance tee               $15.00
(performance tee is same as class level)
Acro 2 and 3 will work in bare feet and will not require the acro shoes